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Gun-Free School Zones Are Not Gun Free

Recent events show us how Gun-Free School Zones never really are gun free. If more people carry guns, then criminals would be much less likely to commit wanton violence.

There have been a lot of school shootings lately. I'm just hearing that a school principal has been shot this morning. That would make 3 incidents in the past week, I think.

Do you know what one thing in common each of these school shootings have? Every school shooting has been at a school where the shooter knew their was a gigantic chance that he was the only one at the school (besides maybe a police resource officer who's there sometimes) who had a gun.

If adults were allowed to carry guns in schools, there would be fewer of the kind of wanton incidents that have been all the rage lately.

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms are alleging that

laws creating gun-free school zones have "disarmed the wrong people and left our schools, and the children inside, vulnerable to this kind of a…