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"You'll Be the Cleanest Person in The Room!!!..."

Although I consider myself a very active member of the LDS Church, some things about Mormon culture drive me bonkers.  For example, tell me if you've heard this inaccuracy during the baptismal service for a child.

Saving Syria...or Something Else?

Beyond the reality that it's not clear to the outside world just exactly who used chemical weapons in Syria, it's important to realize that a myriad of nuances exist that are not being much talked about.  In this article I will explain what those nuances are:

"The Committee to [Screw] the World"

In 1999, Alan Greenspan (Chairman of the Federal Reserve), Robert Rubin (Treasury Secretary for the Clinton Administration) and Lawrence Summers (Rubin's deputy secretary) were dubbed on Time Magazine's front cover as "The Committee to Save the World". Ironically, just a year before that, the trio made a decision that should have earned them the moniker "The Committee to SCREW the World"