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Some Thoughts on Homosexuality

Heterosexual promiscuity in the world today has done far more damage to society than homosexual promiscuity has. Homosexuality is no more "gross" than heterosexuality. It is a way of life for some people.  While I think it is not a healthy way of life, I am much more convinced that it is wrong to belittle people who  happen to live that lifestyle.

I Prefer Luz Robles' Immigration Reform to that of Steve Sandstrom

It seems as though everyone in the Utah legislature agrees that the federal government is not doing a very good job of enforcing illegal immigration laws in the United States. Utah Representative Steve Sandstrom wants to "skin that cat" by doing the federal government's job for it. That's not a good solution. I expect Senator Luz Robles has a much better idea, and I prefer to wait for her legislation, which will appear in the next couple of weeks.

14th Amendment: Mike Lee is Right, and Sam Granato is...Well..Campaigning

Can the 14th Amendment be clarified to remove automatic citizenship for "anchor babies" without another Amendment to the Constitution?  When visiting with Rod Arquette yesterday on KNRS 105.7, Republican Senate candidate Mike Lee got the answer right, while Democrat Senate candidate Sam Granato didn't really give an answer to that question, because he was too busy campaigning for your vote.

Debit Card Overdraft "Service": As Though Government and Bankers Haven't Already Screwed Us Enough

Five months ago, Bank of America announced that it was no longer going to charge overdraft fees on debit card transactions.  On August 15, BOA, along with every other bank and credit union, will no longer have the option of not charging such fees if customers "opt in". I'm trying to figure out how this is better for me.

Update: 8/2/2010 - 9:31 PM: On second thought, maybe my credit union is the problem.

Update 8/3/2010 - 2:30 PM After all the confusion, fostered by the federal government, I am just fine.