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An End to Guilt

One of the most damaging aspects of most religions is that the members of those religions heap upon themselves unnecessary burdens of guilt. In this article, I'll explain why, specifically from a Mormon perspective, this is most unfortunate.

RIP-Utah HB477 Repealed: Why it was Necessary (Draft)

We do need a revamped Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA), but not like this. House Bill 477 codified legislative secrecy into law--that's what was wrong with it. I agree with Senator Steve Urquhart, Republican of St. George, Utah, who said that ""It is my opinion that we simply messed up. It was no one's fault but ours." I'm glad it was repealed. Now, let's do it right.

Why I Love Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg Visits BYU

I'm glad I attended the BYU Technology Forum today, which featured Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. I once thought Facebook was another time-wasting gizmo like MySpace. Boy, was I wrong. Reflecting the insights of its founder, Facebook allows the passionate to share their passion in productive ways to bring people together in common causes in order to make a better world.

Look What Happened at Today's Utah County Republican Party Central Committee Meeting

Political meetings are usually nothing to shout about, but the Utah County Republican Party Central Committee meeting that I just attended was great by my standards.  It was educational, it was courteous, and it ended on time.

Can There Be Both a Creator and Evolution? Yes.

Can life on earth have been created by some being higher than ourselves, yet continue on as a process of evolution? Sure. I think so. I don't think that God is some debauched Zeus atop a mythical Olympus. Nor do I imagine God as some mystical ethereal unquantifiable essence, as many religionists do. The God I imagine is a perfected human being who, because he is perfect, lives by natural law.

Are God and Evolution Mutually Exclusive?

At the behest of a facebook friend, I am currently reading the book Finding Darwin's God. Besides being a delightfully written book, I enjoy the fact that the author, Kenneth R. Miller, as someone who believes in God, is not threatened by evolution. It's a stance that far too few of us take.

Health Care: A Commodity or a Moral Issue?

Conservatives are often portrayed as thinking that health care is just like any other commodity that can be regulated by the free market.  On the other hand, liberals are described as seeing health care as a form of protection that is a moral obligation for government to provide. This characterization of conservatives is misleading.