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Perfection: The Pinnacle of Evolution

If we could just get all the people who believe in Evolution to believe in God, and vice versa, we'd be in pretty good shape.  Maybe we could then agree that, through the evolution of mankind, our possibilities are essentially limitless.

Evolution is all around us.  But so also are majestic creations.  It makes perfect sense to me that if things (and people) continue to evolve over the eons, that eventually at least one of them would reach perfection.  Evolution and creation can work together for our benefit.

I Support Mike Lee, Because He Supports the Troops

In the past few days, Senator Bob Bennett has switched into--what seems to me--desperation attack mode.  He claims viciously, vehemently, and falsely that Mike Lee does not support the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines of the United States military.  Having been a soldier who spent a year in Iraq, I'd like to illustrate to you why, as a soldier, I feel much more supported by Mike Lee than I do by Bob Bennett.

The Only True Church: Why Are We So Intolerant of Other Religions?

It makes sense that if God has a plan for his children to become like him, he would have a particular way for them to accomplish the task.  It makes sense that such a plan would include one true church.  Unfortunately, over the centuries, a myriad of organizations have referred to themselves as the one true church.  Even more unfortunate, nearly every organization that has proclaimed itself the one true faith has also practiced seething intolerance for other religions--especially those who have made the same claim to uniqueness.

A History of Western Involvement in the Middle East in One Lesson

The West is not entirely to blame for the way things are in the Middle East.  Particularly, until recently, the United States was hardly at all to blame for the situation there when compared with the colonial European powers.  Nonetheless, it is easy to imagine a much more vibrant and prosperous Middle East today if history had taken a different course.  It is easy to imagine a much better world had we not come to think of Arabs and Persians as little brown people with a lot of oil.

Why I Will Not Support Bob Bennett for Senate

In my presentation speech at our Republican precinct caucus meeting, I described why I wanted to be a precinct chair. One of the reasons I stated is that a precinct chair is also a state delegate, and I wanted to be a state delegate so that I can cast a vote AGAINST Bob Bennett.

I have since received some e-mails and phone calls from voters encouraging me to vote for Bob Bennett in the state convention.  I feel I owe it to them to clarify why no amount of persuasion or money in the world will ever influence me to vote for the sitting Senator.