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Top 10 Reasons Egyptian Revolution Has Been More Successful Than Iran's

Will Iran embark on the road to liberty soon now that Egypt has seemingly done so? I think--or at least I hope--that it is only a matter of time. But I also think if  Iran had led the way, we'd still be waiting--for a long time. Here are ten reasons why Egypt was a better trailblazer than Iran would have been for freedom and political reform in the Middle East.

Is The Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization?

The Muslim Brotherhood has had some violent episodes in its past. It has had adherents that now are terrorists. But it is not a terrorist organization. It advocates the use of peaceful means to achieve good governance. It is worse than disingenuous to say that the Brotherhood is a terrorist organization or that it is a danger to the West.

The Middle East: Democracy is Breaking Out All Over

What started as a yearning for democracy in Tunisia has now spread to many other countries in the Middle East.  Egypt, seemingly the most successful so far at throwing off the yoke of dictatorial bondage, has become both the epicenter and the example for other countries in the Middle East. Here's how it began and how it's all unfolding.

Recognizing Jesus as the Christ: Easier Now or Then?

Many people revere Jesus Christ as the Savior of mankind, as well as the Son of God. Do you think it's easier for us today, than for those that lived during the time of Christ's mortal ministry, to recognize him as the Savior of the world?