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Do You Suffer from Mormon Evangelical Syndrome?

Latter-day Saints--do you often feel under siege from the forces of evil? Do you believe  that God actively supports the USA in international conflicts? Do you think that America is a chosen nation, or a Christian nation, and that President George W Bush was a tool in God's hand in his "crusade" to "rid the world of evil" following 9/11? If so, then you suffer from MES (Mormon Evangelical Syndrome).

"The Truth" About Jihad

When someone entitles their book "The Truth About [Something]", you can be fairly confident that "The Truth" is not what the author is in search of. So it is in the mind-numbing work "The Truth About Muhammad" by Robert Spencer, in which the author uses the term "jihad" in a completely different fashion than Muhammad ever did. Whereas "jihad" means 'a struggle against one's self', Spencer claims that it gives license to all Muslims to be violent warriors in their 'crusade' to convert the globe to Islam.