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Drone Strikes: How to Win Enemies and Endanger America

The ever-more-secret United States "War on Terror" is itself terrorizing thousands of innocent people in the Middle East. This ill-conceived war can only hope to make the world less safe for Americans.

US Aids Saudis, Thumbs its Nose At Iran, Endangers World

The Iranian and Saudi Arabian governments hate each other worse than Iran and American Neocons. So what does the United States do while Iran eggs America on with sabre rattling? It thumbs its nose at the Iranian people and endangers the world by striking a war deal with the Saudis.

Would You Help Resettle Thousands of Displaced People?

What if, suddenly, thousands of people lost their homes and needed a new place to live?  Would you ignore their plight? Or would you pitch in and help them? Here's an example of one community that did a fabulous job of resettling thousands of displaced people in fairly short order.

How to Check Out a Kindle eBook From Your Public Library

I recently tried Amazon Prime, because with Prime you can check out Kindle eBooks from the Kindle Owners Lending Library. It turns out, however, that I can check out only one book per month from the Lending Library. If you have a public library card, chances are you can check out Kindle eBooks from there. (If not, contact them and encourage them to start making Kindle books available. Here's how I check out Kindle books from my library.
Browsing Your Library's Kindle Book Offerings My public library is a member of the Utah Pioneer Digital Library. I have this page bookmarked in my browser (shown below; to see an enlarged version of any image, please click on the image).

Utah Pioneer Digital Library Download Start Page
In the left-hand margin of the page shown above is a graphic link entitled "Now Available--Library eBooks for Kindle". You can click on that graphic to begin, but a better way to search is to click on the Advanced Search link near the top left corner …