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The Unfortunate Legacy of an American Megalomaniac

Who has had more lasting influence on America's form of governance than any other?  George Washington, who refused to serve more than two terms as president, and who reminded Americans of future generations to avoid empire and entangling alliances with foreign countries?  James Madison, known as the Father of the Constitution?  Abraham Lincoln, who, some say, saved the country from destruction? Thomas Jefferson, penman of the Declaration of Independence?

Although they grace the pages of our history books, none of these men has left on America its most lasting political impression. The award for political influence actually goes to a less well-known founder--an openly adulterous big-government megalomaniac. Vestiges of his paw prints--paeans to power mongers throughout 21st century America--are everywhere. For that we are most unfortunate.

S-C-A-M: The G20 and the IMF in a Nutshell

The leaders and chief central bankers of the richest 20 nations have been meeting in Toronto, Canada today and yesterday to discuss the economic plight of the world. This group is known as the G20. In this context, I thought it appropriate--and definitely ironic--that in our Sunday School today class we read the parable of a rich man who stole the very last sheep that his neighbor, the poor man, owned.

This is the essence of the G20. Once you understand this fundamental concept, that it is a cabal of hghway robbers, you will begin to understand why it must be opposed at all costs. The G20 ensures that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. With its henchman,  the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the G20 has been stealing our sheep, and some of us are just about down to our last one.

Government Subsidies Cause Bigger Problems than the Ones They Were Intended to Solve

When government subsidizes something, demand for it goes up.  When the subsidy expires, demand for that which is no longer subsidized plummets. The latest housing and Cash for Clunkers incentives offered by government illustrate the concept very clearly. What is not illustrated clearly, however, are the just as real economic repercussions below the surface--such as lost jobs and destroyed families.

Of 8-Track Tapes and MP3 Players: A Lesson in Economics

Are you old enough to have owned an 8-track tape player? Why don't they make them anymore? Because nobody wants them except as souvenirs. Because much better alternatives, such as MP3 players, exist today.  It's a good thing the government didn't subsidize the 8-track industry, because if it had, we might not have MP3 players today.

Drug Wars and the Destruction of the Inner City Black Man

A survey of the decline of the metropolitan inner city points a damning finger at the effects of the United States war on drugs. Unless it was planned that way, the evidence of inner-city destruction makes it clear that the drug war has been an utter failure and should be abandoned. If dealing crack cocaine and other drugs were not so lucrative, it could not have hoped to so effectively displace legitimate employment in the inner city.


Coulda, shoulda, woulda.

I suck!

If only...

It seems we're far too often living in the past.  Instead of wasting time wondering why we made this or that mistake or about what could have been, it's much more productive to recalibrate.

Sanctions Against Iran Will Work as Poorly as Sanctions Against Iraq

Citizens of authoritarian regimes already depend heavily on government for the many of the basics of life. That's why sanctions against the authoritarian regimes don't hurt the regimes themselves--they only decimate the already subjected peoples. Iraq is but one great example of this phenomenon. Recently passed and continuing sanctions against Iran are a mistake that is becoming larger and larger.

How Bill Clinton Turned Osama Bin Laden into a Rock Star

At one point in the mid-1990's, Osama bin Laden was persona non grata in just about any place in the world. Imperiled by the Monica Lewinsky scandal, however, United States President Bill Clinton's face saving missile attacks on the Sudan and Afghanistan changed bin Laden's fortunes. In very short order, bin Laden was a Middle Eastern rock star. So, you see, Bill Clinton's impeachment wasn't just about sex.

BP is So Far "Beyond Petroleum" That It Is Sickening

Three of the greatest oil disasters in the history of the world.  Leaders of the pack when it comes to willful violations of safety when it comes to oil production.  Is "British Petroleum", which has now styled itself as "Beyond Petroleum," spending so much time and effort on being "green" that it is neglecting its more important responsibilities?

Hey...I'm the Only White Guy...

Something that happened to me years ago in the military gave me a very good perspective on what it means to be a minority.