Republican Candidates for President in 2008

Initial polling data are out for the upcoming presidential election. Do you have any idea who you are going to vote for? Does religion play any role in the potential vote you will cast?

It's interesting that polling is already begun for president in 2008. A recent poll on asked the following question:

Q: In this early stage of the presidential campaign for 2008, which republican candidate would you prefer?

Answer Percent
Mitt Romney
Condoleezza Rice
Rudy Giuliani
John McCain
Bill Frist

It's even more interesting, considering all the negative press that Mitt Romney took for being a Mormon, that he is leading in this poll.

Will I vote for him because I'm also a Mormon? Not necessarily. There are much more important reasons to support a political candidate than just because you share the same religion.

But I'm this point, would you be able to support any of these candidates? Why or why not?


  1. Great post, thank you. I've written about a possible Bloomberg '08 candidacy on my blog at I think with his money and smarts--along with the country's yearning for another alternative to the two party system, it might just work for him.


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