The Amero: Coming Soon to a Region Near You!!!

Have you ever wondered why the Bush Administration not only doesn't seem to care about our illegal immigration problem, but is actively thwarting it? It's because they're actively supporting the North American Union. Have you ever wondered why the Bush Administration and Congress seem to be uncaring about our out-of-control national debt? Could it be that there are some people in high places who want America to fail, so we can be joined together in a North-American Union with one regional currency? Yes.

Shortly after Congress approved several hundred miles of border fencing last year, machinations allowed the Bush Administration to allocate the funds in essentially whatever way it saw fit. Not surprisingly, pretty much none of the fence has been built.

The United States debt exceeded the 9 trillion dollar mark yesterday. It wasn't but a year and a half ago that Congress set 9 trillion as the Federal Debt Limit. they get arrested now? Do they care that it's higher than 9 trillion? Do they even know?

One trillion seconds makes 31,546 years. I wonder how high 9 trillion one-dollar bills would be if they were stacked on top of each other.

Did you ever wonder why the price of a barrel of oil is now approaching $100? Things currently are actually going relatively well in the Middle East. The reason for the exploding cost of oil is that the dollar is sucking hind teat these days. The cost has not exploded for those who buy oil with Euros, because the Euro is strong. Especially when compared with the dollar. Some people tell you it's not a big deal. I got B's in my economics classes, so I'm not an expert, but I think it is a big deal. Maybe this will be the impetus for America to become more energy independent? Nope. If only there were no ulterior motives agitating against such a simple solution.

China is losing confidence in the dollar, at a time when a lot of other people and entities are as well.
The latest catalyst was comments by Cheng Siwei, vice chairman of the standing committee of China’s National People’s Congress.

He said the country’s $1,430bn foreign exchange reserves should be diversified away from the dollar into strong currencies such as the euro.

It doesn't appear that the Bush administration cares. Well, actually they care, I think, in a certain way, and that's why they aren't doing anything about it, except for pontificating on the lie that there's nothing wrong.

In 2005, Bush met with the leaders of Canada and Mexico to begin the formation of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). You probably didn't know that this supra-national governmental entity is in full swing, did you? I wonder if SPP executives are worried about the collapse of the dollar. Probably not, but others are for the first time in their lives.
Stephen Jen has seen more than a few bouts of negative sentiment towards the US dollar but none as severe as today.

“This is the first time in my career that I am really worried about the dollar,” says the head of currency research at Morgan Stanley.

“I didn’t know it was going to go so far. The dollar is in trouble..."
I wonder if it is being planned that way.

In 2005, before a committee of the US House of Representatives, Robert Pastor a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and one who has been very involved in the creation and establishment of SPP, had this to say:
...incremental steps will no longer solve the security problem, or allow us to grasp economic opportunities. What we need to do now is forge a North American Community, based on the premise that each member benefits from its neighbor’s success and is diminished by its problems.

The subject of this hearing today – whether passports should be required to cross our two borders – is symptomatic of the problem. We are thinking too small. We need to find ways to making trade and travel easier while we define and defend a continental security perimeter.
The establishment moguls have already sniffed their noses at congressionally-mandated border security measures. What better way to get us the rest of the way into the SPP than by bringing America and its dollar to their knees economically, so that we will beg for a new currency?


  1. Here are three things that will have to occur before I believe that this countries sovereignty is at risk from the S.P.P.

    1) A treaty, or agreement must be ratified by congress giving authority to one or more of our neighbors to prosecute our citizens or nation(such as L.O.S.T which is at risk of passing a vote of congress).

    2) Discussion of immigration reform in congress ceases. If the S.P.P. is meant to take care of all things immigration, then I would expect congress to fall in line and defer to the white house on this point.

    3) Congress earmarks dollars for the S.P.P.

  2. I discussed the weak dollar in this post. I noted that a 'weak' dollar can be, but is not necessarily a 'bad' dollar. There are upsides and downsides to both stong and weak currencies.

    Moreover, I note that most Americans are blissfully unaware of the dollar's current weakness on the international currency market, and I note the reasons behind this. If China were to significantly peg its Yuan to other currencies besides the USD, average Americans may start to feel the pinch more than they do with oil prices, which are directly tied to the USD. But it is also likely that the focus of US imports would then shift from China to the nations that buy China's USD-based holdings, so that average Americans would continue to be relatively unaffected by the weak dollar. In other words, this is far more complex and less cut and dried than your post seems to indicate.

    There are many libertarian types that favor more open borders and freer trade as the pathway to security. So I'm not going to say that your concerns with the SPP are all overblown right-wing hype. But right now, most Americans are vehemently opposed to our laxity with respect to illegal immigration.

    The conventional wisdom inside the DC beltway has been that the immigration issue is not an election-deciding issue. That perception is beginning to change. Watch for more hawkishness on illegal immigration among the serious presidential candidates, as well as congressional candidates over the next year. Vast majorities of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans very much disagree with illegal immigration and want our immigration system fixed. The reason that the DC crowd is so slow to catch on is that many lobbyists are pleased with the current state of the broken system.

  3. As one of the "Libertarian types who believe in open borders and freer trade..." I am very concerned with what the white house is doing...

    1. We cannot give up our national sovreignty.

    2. Bush is not being open and honest about this. Nothing good can come from something based on deceit.

    3. Open Borders and Freer Trade require that the nations with whom you have these relationships have similar ethics and their is a similarity in economies and other issues - I'm OK with Canada, but the corrupt governement in Mexico needs to have some serious work done before they are even close.

    To the misguided souls who vote straight Republican or Democrat on your ballot... You're getting what you deserve - A government who thinks they need to do all the thinking for you.


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