FLDS Human Rights Violations are Fraud Reminiscient of KGB

In his book The Gulag Archipelago, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn talks about how strange it was when he first realized that he was being arrested in a large crowd of people on the most specious of pretexts by the Soviet KGB. His life was instantaneously changed forever for the worse. He had done nothing wrong, yet there was also nothing he could do to preserve his freedom, because if he had cried out, no one in that large crowd would have believed (dared to believe?) his word vs. that of the KGB agents.

The state of Texas has now gone the KGB one step better: 416 children and their mothers have been arrested in a much larger crowd, and you are statistically likely to be part of that crowd of people who think that the FLDS people had it coming.

You are oh so wrong.

Most of us think the FLDS people in that Eldorado "compound" are just too weird--but only because we don't know them very well. However, we also think that just because they're too weird gives Texas law enforcement authorities the excuse to flout the law in attempting to give 416 FLDS children and their mothers what Texas officials think is best for them. Texas is now in full damage-control mode for a heinous abrogation of human rights at Eldorado. The best damage control would be for them to admit that it was all a mistake.

Abductions Based on Fraud. Ironically, the entire Eldorado escapade is based on a fraud. The supposed sixteen year old who called authorities claiming abuse has not been found. However, a woman by the name of Rozita Swinton has been found--with strong evidence that it was she who impersonated the sixteen year-old known as "Sarah".

Not having been able to locate the reason for their search warrant (because Sarah does not exist), the Texas officials should have apologized and left the community, right? Not if you're the Keystone Kops, because these FLDS people are really weird, so we need to set them straight. Ed Firmage at OneUtah has it right on when he says:
And now the Texas judge tells me that “Sarah” is a metaphor? What a ghastly admission of the absolute failure of the Texas system of justice.
Here are some other facts surrounding the fraudulent case.

Dale Barlow as Alleged Abuser. Sarah, aka Rozita Swinton, alleged that Dale Barlow was the man who had abused her. Unfortunately for the case, Dale Barlow had not been to the Eldorado community for several years. Yet the Texas KGB plowed on with its community-building intent anyway.

Eldorado is valuable land. As Firmage rightly points out
”Sarah” v. Texas is a case, like those in Utah and Arizona, where millions of dollars in land are at issue. In a very limited sense, and different by an order of magnitude, this is similar to the Japanese Relocation cases of early World War Two. Hundreds of thousands of Japanese Americans lost their land to greedy folk in California and elsewhere.
The Fundamentalist LDS are not nearly as weird as we might think they are. We watch far more and far stranger people every night of the week on television.

The Myth of Abused FLDS Children. The best "evidence" so far given in the news about alleged abuse at Eldorado is that one of the upper floors of the FLDS temple has beds in it, and in one of the beds was found a human hair. Oh my heck! I'm surprised they haven't called in the FBI for a Branch-Davidian style conflagration yet!

In reality, the FLDS children appear to be more well balanced than most Nintendo-addicted children I know--as well as a host of others. Furthermore, it cannot be disputed that their lives will be torn apart as these 416 children are forced into foster homes, the proprietors of which will, with good but different religious intentions, attempt to fix all of them. Once again, I agree with Firmage, who says
I don’t doubt the Texas ‘judge’s kindly intent. Nor the sadness and the professional care of the police, the Texas Rangers, and surely not the loving kindness of Baptist mothers and fathers who have stepped in to help, as saviors. But kindly intended but ill-informed people can produce havoc and death.
Taking Away their Cell Phones is Supposed to Help What? In an effort to try and further "help" the FLDS children, the Texas authorities have taken away their free choice to communicate with the parents from whom they have been separated. In a shorter opinion piece for the Deseret News, Firmage states:
This atrocity, shocking in its initial sweep, hugely overbroad, of children and their parents, gets worse day by day. Now the pitiful last means of parents to communicate with their children and children with their parents by cell phones has been ended by confiscation of all phones.
No Abuse Has Been Proven, Only Speculated Wildly. It is very unlikely that the FLDS communities abuse their children or wives--if at all--with anything near the frequency of main street America, let alone to mention those, like Britney Spears, who belong to the Hollywood demographic.

. . .

Can't we just leave these people alone? Better yet, can't we get to know them and respect them for who they are? Contrary to what you may believe, they would let us if we tried. I know because I have tried, and the polygamists I have met are fine people.

Most of us are too smugly wrong that we know everything about them, and that they are irreparably weird--so they need to be made normal. So it's somehow okay with a lot of us that Texas law authorities break their own laws in an attempt to fix something that we in our blessed ignorance are 100% certain is broken.

As I've said before, the raid on the FLDS community at Eldorado is a travesty of justice. It reduces both
the inhibition and the proximity for the next such human rights violation against the next religious community to be deemed too weird for our version of normalcy.

Ed Firmage put it best when he wrote
The Fundamentalist Mormons of four or five clans have been frozen in time, to some extent, by being marginalized, like gays, or at an earlier time, marriage between different racial or ethnic groups, sent into the badlands...

If Texas can do that to Fundamentalist Mormons, when will it be your turn?
If you'd rather not ever that it be "your turn", I suggest you begin rallying for liberty and justice for the Eldorado community. Because they aren't getting it now.


  1. The question is: what is really, really important?

    I viewed the video exposing the drug-riddled Texas Foster Care system at:

    I have also read over 1,000 thought-provoking comments by outraged citizens at:

    It seems this is huge historically.

    That Marleigh Meisner and the manhating female judge both look like total w*h*o*r*e*s. I’d bet meisner has at least four tattoos. Just based on her looks I’d also guess that she probably has whored around with at least 84 different men.

    Only a slut would want those kids taken from their wonderful families. I am praying that both those hogs come down with brain cancer–several large tumors-each. I would enjoy a youtube video showing their diseased body flopping around on a hospital bed.

    The patriots who are standing up for these kids and the constitution need to get together and form an organization to resist this and other atrocities by the government and their henchmen.

    Further, all baptist churchs should be picketed on sunday to protest the invovlement of the el dorado baptist church in assisting the pigs, providing buses and acting as collaborators. this is a huge problem.

    At least the FLDS girls haven’t taken the LBT (low back tattoo) like your whorish slut women in Texas.

    And that TV hog with the bug eyes looks like a slut too.

    Now for some real info:

    It was legal to marry at 14 year in both texas and utah until recently. In utah, at least, the law was changed with the specific intent of persecuting the FLDS, who are great people, at least the few I have met.

    I’ve often said that i would rather have my daughter(s) become the 10th wife of a good man than the first wife of a feminized white meat pussy.

    The only difference between a 14 yo and a fifteen year old is one day. Big deal. It is legal to marry a 15 year old in utah right now.

    The real lesson here for you Texas swaggerbitches is that DCFS will soon be coming for your children. “Emotional Abuse” is a term so ambiguous that it can mean whatever the slut manhater social work whore wants in to mean. Do you teach your kids that god loves them. Surely, that is emotional abuse–at least to an athiest bitch.

    Do you teach your kids not to intermarry with white people. Now, that is politically incorrect emotional abuse for sure.

    I still hope those two hogs get brain cancer–me and probably phred phelps are praying for it right now.

    Pussy, feminzied white men have lost this country and it started when they let their women become disobedient. Suffer you slime.

  3. The reason for the Texas authorities going into the compound, although normally important in our society, is irrelevant in this case. The real problem here is that the Texas authorities are punishing innocent people for the crimes of others. If the authorities found young girls who were married, then they should take those young girls out of the compound and properly prosecute the men who are committing the crimes. However, that does not justifiy completely convicting a society for the behaviors of a few, even if the majority somehow share the beliefs of the few. We do not prosecute people in this country based on their thoughts. We prosecute them based on their actions. In addition, this is a very real concern for many communities in this country. Granted that authorities would have a very difficult time carrying it out in these other circumstances and are only able to do it here because of the small number involved and the biased towards these people, but there are examples where the same justification could be used over and over again to pull children out of homes. For example, do you think children growing up in a gang infested neighborhood are in a safe environment? Go spend some time in south central LA and tell me how safe you feel. Innocent children are killed in random acts of violence all of the time. Gang leaders prey on the young kids. Perhaps California should just pull all of those children out of their homes.

  4. I don't believe in polygamy. I don't believe in children marrying, unless they have parental consent documenting that they are mature enough to handel it. I don't believe the LDS is even a reputable organization(s). But I do believe a person, a family, and an organization have a right to their beliefs and should have the right to follow their consciences. Who am I and who is Texas and who is the United States of America to tell these people what to believe and how to live?

    If people have broken laws, arrest the, prosecute them. But our constitutions are supposed to protect us from mass arrests and groupings without any evidence of wrongdoing on the individual's part. This is all really wrong. Freedom of religion in the United States of America is quickly disappearing. I wonder if some day we won't resemble France.

    I don't really understand why 416 children were taken, even if Sarah had been real. Sarah would be one child.

    So if a child in your church is abused it is ok for the state troopers to run in and abduct all of the children in your church to protect them?

    If 9 or 10 of your members of your church get married at 16, should all of your church members lose their children?

    Further, I have heard no evidence of any of these mothers abusing their children. So why have they lost their children? I have heard no accusation of any male child being abused, so why were they taken?

  5. Anonymous 4/20/2008 09:26:00 PM needs some serious help. What happened to loving one's enemy and praying for those that persecute the innocent? Praying for people we don't like to be smitten with horrendous diseases? That's sick.

    I frequently disagree with Ed Firmage. But he has nailed it on this.

    Based on a 'metaphor,' Texas has ripped 416 children away from their parents. Experts have already testified that these children live in loving families. Officials are now interrogating those children and will use anything they say to build cases against their parents.

    If this doesn't fit the definition of Orwellian, nothing does.

  6. Reach,

    Thanks for bringing up the Anonymous comments. I've been feeling a bit out of sorts that someone could befuddle a serious debate with such trashy statements. Whatever good points Anon may have had are difficult to glean through the foul language.


    Thank you for helping to clarify the main point of the issue. There may very well be some specific examples of abuse at Eldorado. However, as you say so well, it is not appropriate to abduct nearly the entire society as a result.

  7. What's funny is so many people say that because they can't "find" Sarah she doesn't exist. The "FLDS Adults" deny a Sarah exists, the children however said Yes we know Sarah, but we don't know where she is. The number of "children" in custody has risen because the children were told to lie about their age to the authorities, but they now know that they are minors and not adults. If everything was ok with their lifestyle they wouldn't have to lie about it. Oh and Barlow/Anon is a pig.

  8. LDS is a goofy cult to begin with
    and the "F"LDS should join the
    rest of the world so those kids
    would know who their "Daddy" is.
    Cult leader's bottom line has
    always been keeping the women in
    line so they can have some free
    and easy perderka. FLDS adult males
    shoud go to prison and share cells
    with non LDS perverts.

  9. If it is now legal to Kidnap, torture and kill innocent children. Who Needs laws ? I remember the days when policemen could be called to help find lost children. Nowadays the Policeman would probably turn the child into CPS for a prize or something.
    Why isn't the FBI stepping in and stopping this kidnapping ?????
    Not only is the Govt not preventing children from being hurt IT IS GOING OUT OF ITS WAY TO HURT THEM !!

  10. Interesting from the commenter that just because they say "Sarah" doesn't exist that we should not believe the FLDS adults Because some CHILDREN said they saw "Sarah"...


    The CHILDREN said they saw Sarah, funny, I was raised FLDS and I knew many girls named "Sarah", however, when I was a child, like any other child I did not know everyone by their last name, if you'd asked if I knew sarah I would have said "yes" and "which one?" So if you go off the testimonies then yes, many girls and women in the FLDS church have the name of "Sarah" but that doesn't mean the "Sarah" CPS was looking for would fit the description of the Sarah the children saw.

  11. In light of the way the government is handling these unfortunate mothers, I did some research to see if there are records of other well known totalitarian regimes acting in a similar manner.
    To my surprise, during the NAZI Germany such mothers as the FLDS were awarded medals of Honor by the government. (Mothers Cross)
    Before World War II, our good friend Stalin was arresting mothers for teaching their own kids religious ideas that “violated” the USSR state laws. After the Soviet Union became our enemy, they changed their previous laws against motherhood.
    Modern China has laws against mothers with more than one child.
    All Muslim countries encourage women to get married early and have as many children as possible.
    So it seems that our American government is of the ones that are not favoring motherhood and is looking for ways to discourage girls from becoming mothers.
    No wonder the country’s family values are on a spiral fall, and we rely so much on immigration.

  12. All the comments full of outrage are correct and there is no other way to put them all. I mean, I do not mind the language used. It is very appropriate for the case. The only comment I have is to Media Delivery. It is right that you "do believe a person, a family, and an organization have a right to their beliefs and should have the right to follow their consciences. Who am I and who is Texas and who is the United States of America to tell these people what to believe and how to live?" This is absolutely right. But continuing on the same note, who are we not to believe in a law given by God. I mean the Everlasting Marriage Covenant where the plurality of wives was the integral part? By not believing in the law one automatically questions it. Who are we to question the law. Instead we should try to understand it. To find His reasons. In order to do so we may need to ponder and pray if necessary. But never question and never declare that we do not believe in it. It appears that we are being selective in believing in the Doctrine. we believe selectively. We believe in those principles which are beneficial for us or are fitting in our poor understanding of it.


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