I Never Thought Business Could Be This Bad...

The dollar crisis is getting worse than I thought. The Dairy Queen on Canyon Road in Provo, Utah is proof positive that the American economy is going through some exceptionally difficult times. I'm not sure if this is happening chain-wide, but --as you can see in the picture at right--at least here in Provo, an indefinite hiring freeze has been implemented.

Based on what I encountered when I looked at the other side of their sign, though, I'm guessing it probably has something to do with their promotional practices as well.

Ostensibly, because of their fear that the dollar will continue to lose value, Dairy Queen of Provo has taken to giving away free ice cream cones. Well, sort of.

The only way that you can get your supposedly "free" ice cream cone is by bringing in one of your used combs. I don't have any combs left, so I'll have to go elsewhere to get my ice cream.

At least at my grocery store I can still get "free" dog food when I turn in an old pair of stinky socks. I have tons of those!! And they really are worth more than a dollar these days.


  1. Maybe they want you to buy combs to get your free cone.....

    But, in all seriousness, I recently visited that very DQ. IT was a warm Saturday night, about 6:30. I expected the place to be hopping.

    I was the only customer when I got there, and nobody came by in the hour I was there.

    It was kinda eerie.


  2. Maybe they just don't want people trying to hire their quality employees. There's nothing ruder than offering someone a job with their current boss standing right there.

  3. Wow ... your govskool dollars at work.


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