What's Worse: ACORN or the "Help America Vote Act?"

There is a huge difference between "voter registration fraud" and "voter fraud". Based on this difference, does that mean, then, that the ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) voter registration fraud is not a big deal? Republicans say absolutely it's a big deal, but Democrats state that the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) is much worse.

I think that both institutions are very ugly. Each is committing or facilitating the commission of voting fraud, primarily in the name of raising the "entertainment factor" so that hardly anyone will notice that neither of the mainstream presidential candidate bozos are worth voting for.

Can you believe how much time we're spending in this election talking about ethics as opposed to the core issues? I guess

Both of these kinds of shenanigans are immoral and illegal. Not just one. Not just the other. Both have to stop. But how can they stop when we keep limiting ourselves to the two wrong choices?

that's what we get when the populace becomes so generally dense that we accept the Establishment's decree that we have to choose between Dumb and Dumber every presidential election cycle.

But to illustrate just how bad it's become...

ACORN: Shilling for Comrade Obama?

I've been wondering if there should be a big concern about ACORN's being investigated for fraud in several states. ACORN registers people to vote. ACORN enlistees get paid by the number of voters that they sign up. But how would they get all these fraudulently-registered voters to actually vote fraudulently? Here's one way, in Utah at least. Just fill out the absentee ballot to match the information on your fraudulent voting form. Then, as long as you didn't put "Mickey Mouse" or something similar as your voter registration, it would be up to the County Elections Office to notice that 500 absentee ballots got mailed to the same address.

Seriously, though, it could happen through concentrated effort. And the fact that a whole bunch of members of ACORN are actively campaigning for Barack Obama makes me wonder if it might not just happen.

Yes, it's a big deal.

HAVA: Ensuring Republican Dominance?

When asked about ACORN, Robert F. Kennedy Jr said that what the Help America Vote Act does is much worse. Here's what he told "Morning Joe" on MSNBC.

According to Kennedy, the "Help America Vote Act" (HAVA) was authored in part by Jack Abramoff and Bob Ney, both of whom are currently in prison. HAVA makes it difficult to vote by requiring a "tight match" or a "perfect match". With "perfect match" it requires an exact match between your name as it appears on your driver's license and on your voting application. If you fail the match, you can vote, but your vote will not be counted.

About 1 of 5 registered voters were purged from Colorado voting roles, for example, because of HAVA.

Kennedy also chastises the HAVA requirement to show a photo ID to be able vote, because 1 in 10 people (such as senior citizens) don't have driver's licenses.

I think showing photo ID is a critical requirement to be able to vote. But it seems that purging voter rolls because of "tight" and "perfect match" requirements such as Kennedy describes would be pure disenfranchisement.

. . .

Both of these kinds of shenanigans are immoral and illegal. Not just one. Not just the other. Both have to stop. But how can they stop when we keep limiting ourselves to the two wrong choices?

Both major political parties--at least on a national level--have become a cruel joke. Rather than wanting what's best for Americans, their anointed bicker back and forth so that we hardly notice that they're stealing us blind.

It's going to take a revolution of getting our hamster butts out of the Establishment squirrel cage before life in the USA gets any better. How about let's start now and vote for someone else other than McCain and Obama?


  1. To start now? How about having started earlier? Back when the field was being cleared up of all other political parties but these two, all other political organizations, trade unions or any workers' organizations fighting for their rights. Paralyzed by the anticommunist paranoia we did not see how our freedoms were being taken away from us. Instead of educating ourselves in politics, history and geography, we were wasting our time on HAVING FUN!!! It is too late now to do anything. Good luck to all of us.


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