Glenn Beck Blows a Cork Over Obama Press Conference

I had to listen to Glenn Beck's monologue a couple of times today about the discussion between President Obama and Nico Pitney of The Huffington post. And I still didn't get what Beck was so inflamed about. Perhaps Beck ought to be paying more attention to what's going on in Iran rather than wondering if Pitney was just another media person being nice to Barack Obama. (Press conference Here, Pitney's subsequent visit with CNN, here.)

Here's part of Beck's critique of the President's supposed tactics:
He's contacting a media source ahead of time to plan a question for a live press conference. Who thought the media was in the tank for him? Who, booboo? He's contacted a liberal blog site to do it. He reveals that he follows the liberal blog site closely. And to top it off, he calls them second in the press conference. By the way, ADD moment. Which one of these things just doesn't belong? Associated Press, Reuters, the Huffington Post? It was a trick question. They all suck.

Guys, you are watching a puppet show.
Beck then got to what it seems was his point. He doesn't like the Huffington Post.
At least it was the liberal hack site, you know, the Huffington Post, you know. Not so bad that we have, you know, so called credible journalism outlets like ABC doing infomercials promoting the White House or anything.
I've actually been reading Nico Pitney's live blogging on Huffington Post, and it's some of the best stuff out there (here's the latest).

Alvaro Vargas Llosa today pitied the political posturing that is going on in the United States while Tehran burns.
It has been painful to see so many political leaders in the United States devalue the Iranian uprising — potentially the most important event since the fall of the Berlin Wall — by using it to score cheap points off each other, disrespecting the people who are risking everything in the name of freedom.
Beck's outburst today is one of the worse instances of cheap politcal pointery.

President Obama's stance vis a vis the Iranian oligarchy is the best one we can at this point hope to take. Nico Pitney, among others, tirelessly keeps the magnificent Iranian rebellion before our eyes and ears. If Glenn Beck had a bit more integrity, he'd praise Pitney for his tireless coverage, as well as the President for asking a most important question.


  1. Damn. I watch Beck occasionally for entertainment purposes (much like I used to watch Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and thinkg "You have GOT to be kidding me... that doesn't even LOOK like an owl!") but I never catch his greatest hits like this.

    Thanks for tipping me off. Going to find the video now.

  2. I'm kind of surprised that you'd be surprised at a Beck tirade. Isn't that one of the things he's best at?

  3. The love affair Utah Valley has with Beck makes me want to puke.


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