LDS Stake Conference Was Not Boring: A Tweet For Every Day of The Month

I've discovered that I learn a lot more in any meeting when I take notes. Twitter works very well for this purpose. When all was said and done, I produced 31 different tweets during today's LDS Stake Conference in Santaquin, Utah. And it was NOT boring. I hope you like some of them.

  1. Tithing & Temple-We should be glad to pay 10% of nearly nothing in exchange for being sealed to our family forever. 
  2. Family Home Evening #FHE is successful even if all you do is have good refreshments!!! 
  3. When we do something, it may seem like sacrifice, but when we're blessed for doing it, we see that it wasn't. 
  4. Church members in Tierra del Fuego drive 30 hours to attend temple. Members in Santaquin UT drive 30 MINUTES.
  5. 1,000 years from now wealth and earthly title will have meant nothing.
  6. The line of God's priesthood authority goes from Jesus Christ directly to Thomas S Monson.
  7. Quorum presidencies--especially youth--are like mini-bishoprics as they learn to do their duty.
  8. If you feel comfortable in the celestial room of the temple, you will probably feel comfortable in God's presence.
  9. Doctrine and Covenants 121-To preside is NOT to dictate or to abuse others.
  10. Parents: Your children will not gain a testimony by osmosis, but thru teaching and example.
  11. Each stake of the Church holds enough keys to function independently of Salt Lake City.
  12. God shares his power through priesthood "keys". Keys have geographical boundaries, such as in wards and stakes.
  13. God wants all of his children to return home to him, and that is accomplished through temple ordinances.
  14. To more successfully attend the temple, set a schedule, so that it becomes a habit.
  15. The Holy Spirit will not come into our lives without some sort of invitation.
  16. We may have been confirmed a member of the Church but never truly chosen to "receive the Holy Ghost".
  17. The witnesses and teaching that we receive of the Spirit are evidence of God's existence.
  18. Questions to God require faith and pondering. God will probably not answer our question if we never ask it.
  19. One main reason we have Doctrine & Covenants as scripture is because Joseph Smith had a lot of questions.
  20. Have u ever been to a boring Sacrament Meeting? If so, you were unprepared...
  21. Don't put my testimony on a shelf. Either build on it or I will step further and further away from the light
  22. If we bind(commit)selves to act in his service,we will receive God's glory
  23. One reason LDS church members meet together-to receive revelation together
  24. Book of Mormon-Alma 19:9-10 Great faith (not blind obedience) is one of greatest skills we can develop
  25. Be a servant to those in other cultures rather than exalting ourselves above them
  26. If we attend temple monthly it may feel like obligation. if we attend more often it begins to feel like blessing
  27. Learn of other cultures so rather than wanting to kill them we want to share gospel with them
  28. Each time a temple is built satans power is lessened.
  29. To prepare for payson ut temple church members can regularly attend the temple we have--in provo
  30. Married couples should set a date as a goal to when they will serve a mission together.
  31. As we serve our kindred dead in temples we are protected from storms of the last days.


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