Paul vs Paul: Do You Support Libertarian Ron or Progressive Krugman?

Bloomberg TV had a fascinating interview face-off with economist and New York Times writer Paul Krugman vs Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. I've listed the ways they disagree. Which one do you more closely identify with?
I like to learn from both Paul Krugman and Ron Paul.  That's why I particularly liked the interview shown below.  First, though, here's the list of items they talked about:

Ron Paul Paul Krugman
Supports a small federal government. Supports a big federal government.
Free markets working in a natural way with minimal regulation. Likes free market but supports substantial regulation of it.
Governments are not supposed to run the economy. You can't leave the government out of monetary policy.  The Central bank will always be in business of managing the money.
Government manipulation of the economy causes great fluctuations. An unmanaged economy is subject to great fluctuations
The Great Depression was caused by Federal Reserve. The Great Depression was a result of a free market economy run amok.
Inflation is theft from people who are trying to save money. A little bit of inflation is healthy.
After World War II, the economy improved due to a return to freer market principles. After World War II growth the US economy money management, including mild inflation and strong government regulation. 
Ron likes some of the principles Milton Friedman stands for, dislikes others. Krugman thinks Milton Friedman would be on the left of the political debate today.
Wants to end the monopoly on money that the Federal Reserve has. Thinks the Federal Reserve does a great job managing the US economy.
Believes in the viability and healthiness of a gold standard. Thinks the gold standard is outdated.
Thinks the Federal Reserve was the primary cause of the 2009 Great Recession. Thinks private individuals were the primary cause of the 2009 Great Recession.
Thinks an economic catastrophe could happen at any time with our level of debt, particularly because other countries have less trust and respect for our dollar. Thinks US is nowhere near an economic catastrophe with our level of debt.
Federal Reserve and Central banks are ideas that came about in the modern era The idea of central money management has always been a good idea.

Below is a video of the full interview.

I think they both did a great job representing their own views.  I, however, identify more closely with what Ron Paul stands for. What's your opinion?


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