If You Really Want to Understand Islam, Read These Books

"Seek first to understand," goes the wise saying. Westerners, and particularly Americans, and more particularly American evangelical Christians, have done a very poor job of seeking to understand what Islam really is.  Like anything else, Islam cannot be captured in a sound bite or even a series of sound bites.  Islam is much more variegated than the average Westerner currently comprehends, and an understanding of Islam requires dozens of hours of study, along with opening one's self up to the possibility that a lot of the sound bites informing what we think we know about Islam just might be wrong.

Here is a list of books that one would do better to read to get a much broader and more accurate view of the religion of Islam.

....stay tuned for more details about the books on this list...

Muhammad, Prophet of God by Daniel C. Peterson

A World Without Islam by Graham E Fuller

Dreams and Shadows by Robin Wright

After Jihad by Noah Feldman

How to Win a Cosmic War by Reza Aslan

Web of Deceit by Barry Lando

The Longest War by Peter Bergen

The Imperial Cruise by James Bradley - discusses how we got to where we are today by our imperialistic designs over the islands of the Pacific, etc.

Washington Rules: America's Path to Permanent War by Andrew Bacevich



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