Living in Hell: Life in Iran

I'm sure there are worse places to live than Iran, but there can't be too many. It is a living hell for many. Its government has usurped religion to wreak on its people things that religion was never meant for. Below I describe a small part of the desecrations that are going on in that country.  The Iranian people deserve much better.

In Iran today, a man is in danger of being put to death for supposed "drug-related offenses" after having not received a fair trial, AND after having been tortured by prison guards.  Thank heavens that many nations of the world are dismayed not only by this incident, but also by a rash of criminal behavior by the Iranian government.
“We have repeatedly urged Iran to halt executions," a United Nations statement said. "We regret however that instead of heeding our calls, the Iranian authorities have stepped up the use of the death penalty.” Over 300 persons are known to have been executed since the beginning of 2012, the majority in respect of drug-related activities. A large number is reportedly on death row, and face risk of imminent execution.
Another citizen was recently raped to death with a baseball bat. What kind of debauched people could commit such heinous crimes against their own people?  Not authentic Muslims, for sure.

To cover for its increasing incompetence, the Iranian government is blocking access to the internet, so that Iranian people can neither commiserate with each other nor see what a laughing-stock the rest of the worlds sees Khamenei, Ahmadinejad, and the Guardian Council to be.

The Iranian government claims that if someone could give it 20%-enriched uranium, it would stop enriching--you guessed it--uranium to 20%.  But as a part of such a "magnanimous" offer, it demands that economic sanctions against it by most of the rest of the world be lifted.
"If a guarantee is provided to supply the 20 percent (enriched) fuel for the Tehran Research Reactor, our officials are ready to enter talks about 20 percent enrichment," Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said at a Eurasian media forum in Kazakhstan on Friday, according to Iran's Press TV.
Economic sanctions seem not only to be causing the Iranian economy to flounder, but the wisdom of its government officials as well.

The Iranian government is creating a new "Great Prophet World Prize" because it doesn't think it has won enough Nobel prizes.   IBN Live reports that
The only Iranian to win it so far has been human rights activist Shirin Ebadi, now living in London, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003.
Perhaps the Iranian government should see the irony of its only Nobel Prize winner feeling so endangered by the Iranian government itself that she feels compelled to live abroad.  That's< the major reason Iran is not more competitive in the science arena.

Remember Baghdad Bob, who claimed such preposterous ideas such as that the United States military was nowhere near Baghdad, when American tanks were actually just a few miles away?  He must have moved to Tehran.  At any rate, Iran's OPEC governor is reporting that world economic sanctions against Iran have had little to no effect on its oil exports.
But Mohammad Ali Khatibi...said the [International Energy Agency (which reported steep drops in oil exports)] data was faulty and ran counter to data provided to OPEC by Iran.
"Iran's oil exports are the same as previous months and the situation is stable," Khatibi was quoted as saying by the Iranian Students' News Agency (ISNA) on Saturday.



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