The Divine Feminine in Mormonism

It would be difficult to find a religion that speaks more highly of women and their eternal potential than does the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Here are some of those teachings.

In 1902, the LDS Church published the following in the Latter-Day Saints' Millennial Star, Volume 64, pages 410-411

If the Divine image, to be complete, had to reflect a female as well as a male element, it is self-evident that both must be contained in the deity.  And they are. For the Divine spirit that in the morning of creation moved upon the face of the waters bringing forth life and order is in the original language of the Sacred historian presented in the feminine gender whatever modern theology may think of it.  
The English language is at a disadvantage not having a separate word to denote all human beings. The word man is there for ambiguous. But when it is said man is Mortal, It is Well understood that man means both men women and children in the same way when we are told in Genesis that man was created in the image of God, the word includes both male and female. 
But apart from this, when the scriptures represent God as our father, does that not of necessity imply a mother? A man may exist alone, and so may a woman, but there can be no fatherhood without motherhood, no husband if there is no wife. Is an exception to be made in the case of him who is called the father of spirits?
There may be something in the old hypothesis that the cherubims and seraphims of the scriptures really denote two different sexes among the host attending the Heavenly courts. 
But an important truth is undoubtedly taught in the fact that in the apocalyptic Revelations given to John the Revelator, the Church of Christ and the Church of the world are both represented as women...this representation would be eminently absurd, where a woman's role so insignificant, so transient as to last but a moment and then pass away. Christ gave himself for his church, and when he wanted to represent the glory, the splendor, the triumph of that church, he chose to do so under the image of a woman arrayed in light.  If this does not prove the importance of womanhood in the affairs of the world both here and hereafter, it has no meaning at all. 
[Men and women ] are both equally needed for future Glory, development and exaltation. They both are in the image of God. 
The Bible expressly States that God created man in his own image, and lest someone should misconstrue the word man here to mean only Adam, the historian adds: male and female created he them, that's including both our progenitors in the statement that man was created in the image of God.  


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