How Blacks and Other US Minorities are Systematically Disadvantaged: A Compendium of Articles

I put a lot of these articles into a Facebook post.  I'm putting them all together here, so that they'll be easier to find.

Maybe we're not racist, but perhaps we settle for mere tolerance.  Can we do better?  Certainly.

Beyond Tolerance

It's very easy to treat others as less than, based on a variety of things.  Black students in this study were surprised how easy white students broke down emotionally under the pressure of things these black students endure nearly every day.

Brown Eye, Blue Eye

Poverty is concentrated in pockets of the United States, and one thing that is becoming more prevalent about these pockets is that blacks and other minorities are becoming larger and larger parts of them.

The Concentration of Poverty in America's Schools

It's interesting to see when a large percentage of monuments to southern Civil War generals were built--at the time when blacks were just becoming confident in asserting their individual, constitutional rights.

Confederate Statues were Built to Further 'White Supremacist Future' 

Shortly after the Civil War ended, a concerted effort was made to present Robert E. Lee as a kindly slaveholder.  However, Lee beat his slaves, he considered them inferior, and he "hired them out" to other slave owners, which often had the effect of splitting apart family members for the rest of their lives.

The Myth of the Kindly General Lee

It's hard to imagine that, now that it has been proven that many monuments will built to intimidate and discount blacks, that new ones are going up presently.

New Confederate Monuments are Going Up, Too

In an effort to discount the atrocities committed to American slaves and the lasting effects this has had in America, inaccurate comparisons are made to "Irish slaves".

Debunking a Myth: The Irish Were Not Slaves, Too

Two of the greatest errors in the myth are that Irish slaves were supposedly treated worse than African slaves, and that there were more Irish slaves than African.  I don't necessarily think that all people who believe the Irish Slave myth are racist, but I do think that they are at least ignorant of history in that regard. The myth seems to have started in 2013.  "Indentured servitude" is much different than slavery, in that servants were not treated nearly as badly as slaves.

How the Myth of Irish Slaves Became a Favorite Meme of Racists Online

Blacks are far more likely to be arrested, and far more likely to be convicted in America.

Michelle Alexander: The New Jim Crow

Here's an excellent explanation of what Jim Crow is, and how these ideas still harm many blacks in America today.

Jim Crow and America's Racism Explained

In most cases, the confederate statues that have been removed from public places were taken down only after a vote by the city council or other governmental entity.

Baltimore Tears Down Controversial Statues, Including Confederate Memorials

In other cases, when private citizens tore down statues, they were arrested.

Eight People Charged for Tearing Down Confederate Statues

Here are a few more articles:

A forgotten History of How the US Government Segregated America

Redlining Never Went Away


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