"Explicit" Anti-Liberal Satire

Warning: If you are a liberal and do not think that conservatives have anything to contribute to the conversation, and that sometimes they are downright rude, you will be offended by this article. I, however, think that political satire is funny, as long as it's not vulgar, and regardless of which side of the aisle you come from. Hopefully we all can take satire as tongue-in-cheek when necessary and as constructive criticism when appropriate.

If you want to laugh at the same time you consider a brilliant insight that you might never have considered before, go to The following introduction greets you after you successfully navigate to the site.
Welcome to, a website created to help arm the liberty-loving silent majority with ammo -- ammo that strikes at the intellectual solar plexus of the Left.

In a recent interview on the Right Balance, Kfir Alfia of ProtestWarrior unlocked for host Greg Allen and his listeners the secret of why liberals are more successful protesters than other political groups (I paraphrase):

Libertarians don't want to get into other people's lives, so they don't protest, and conservatives work all the time, so they don't have time to protest.
Obviously many liberals work, but there are several who have become liberals with daddy's money, and there are others who have succumbed to the liberal mantra that they are evil because they are rich; so without giving up their riches, they deflect the ire of the liberal community by becoming one themselves. Far fewer conservatives have such resources, and therefore they protest less. ProtestWarrior's observation about liberal protesters makes sense, and leads me further to believe that Rush Limbaugh and other conservative radio talk shows are so successful because conservatives can listen to these shows while they are hard at work.

Here is my favorite of the ProtestWarrior bumper stickers:

War is not always justified, and in the case of the Iraq invasion, George W. Bush didn't make a very good case for a war that has gone terribly awry, but it is ironic that people who, without war, would have likely still been living under the iron fist of the King of England can be of the opinion that war never solved anything.

Here's another one:

I am in favor of Muslims, Hindus, and everyone else practicing their religion, including the right to learn about it in the public schools. I just happen to believe that Christianity should be afforded the same respect.


  1. You've got to be careful with satire. Studies show that a certain percentage of the population don't comprehend satire (and it's not a liberal-conservative split thing). It's kind of like how a certain percentage of the population has a tin ear for music or else can appreciate music just fine but cannot carry a tune in a bucket.

    This says nothing about the intelligence of these people. It's just a simple fact that some people get satire, while others are incapable of getting it.

    I personally enjoy satire, as long as it doesn't have a harsh edge to it.

  2. If liberals are such successful protesters, then I'd love to see a list of the successful protests of the last 6-7 years. I was not aware of any.

  3. Conservatives listen to Rush Limbaugh while they "work"? What kind of work is it that they do, exactly??

    Surgeons don't listen to the radio while they work. Trial lawyers don't play radios in the courtroom. I certainly couldn't listen to the radio while I'm conducting psychotherapy sessions!

    Could it be that conservatives are able to listen to the radio while at work because they have stupid jobs? Studies always show that the more educated someone is, the more likely their politics lean to the left.

    Also--conservatives are more likely to live in rural areas and hence drive long distances. That's probably the main time they listen to the radio.

  4. Frank, maybe I'm one of those Scott describes as "incapable of getting it" (even though I subscribe to the practice myself) but I don't see the "satire" at this site...these two 20-somethings appear to be sincere in their hatred of all things Muslim. Which makes your comment:

    I am in favor of Muslims...

    somewhat ironic, nicht wahr?

    Also, I wonder if you have any data to support your assertion that:

    Far fewer conservatives have such resources...

    I believe you are referring to "Daddy's resources", are you not? Like, for instance, Paris Hilton? Or Jon Huntsman, Jr.? Or George W. Bush? Oh, of course mean Al Gore III, huh? Guess you got me there.

    But wait...then you conclude with this:

    ...Rush Limbaugh and other conservative radio talk shows are so successful because conservatives can listen to these shows while they are hard at work.

    Well, that may be your conclusion, but mine is somewhat different. I've always felt that anyone (liberal or conservative) who is more comfortable being told by someone on the radio what his or her opinion should be, rather than reading and listening to diverse opinions and objectively analyzing the facts presented in order to make one's own conclusions, is just plain intellectually lazy, pure and simple. That's why talk show radio is so popular. Is our people learning? I think not.

  5. PP,

    I don't listen to Rush Limbaugh, for the very reason you state. I hope I didn't imply that listening to him was a good thing, because I have stated in these pages before that I don't think it is.

    Also, I looked through their product catalog, and I'm not sure how you came to the conclusion that the people at hate Muslims.


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