The Ron Paul Train is Picking Up Speed

Donate to the Ron Paul campaign. Join the tens of thousands of others who have!

Even if you are a member of the Establishment, you must admit that the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign is becoming a reckoning force. "Ron who?" doesn't work anymore.

They've done their best to ignore him. Of course I talking about the rest of the Republican presidential hopefuls, not to mention the Democrats. But I'm also talking about our 'wonderfully impartial media'. In a recent Democrat debate, for example, the statement was made that no candidate on the Republican side has a plan to get out of Iraq. The media did not offer correction to the statement. But you know what?

Horse feathers. Ron Paul has such a plan! They know it, but it pains them to admit it, on both the Establishment's left and its right.

The self-annointed of the American Establishment might as well stop ignoring Ron Paul's presidential candidacy. Because that is becoming a pretty precariously embarrassing situation for them as the rest of the country is taking notice of the future President Paul with the alacrity of wildfire.

In approximately the last week of September, Congressman Paul's campaign set a very audacious goal to raise $500,000 for the campaign. Because of overwhelming support, that goal has now been revised, and the new goal of $1 million in roughly one week has nearly been achieved.

Yesterday, when I made my most recent donation, the total was nearly $691,000 (click on pic at right). I watched for a few minutes on various occasions as the mercury rose in the donation thermometer. The largest donation I noticed was $100. The average donation is much smaller than that. It is likely, therefore, that as many as 20,000 individual donations have been made to the Ron Paul campaign in the last week alone.

Support for Ron Paul is infectious. When people discover what he stands for, they agree that Ron Paul is what we have needed for a long time.

As people wake up all across America on this Saturday morning, the donation total now approaches $850,000.

Watch out Establishment America. Here we come!


  1. Yes Frank, the train is picking up speed and it's final terminus is the White House baby!!

  2. I'm glad Ron Paul is in the race. The more interest he generates, the more he can influence the debate. But I stand by my analysis of two months ago that Ron will not become president or vice president. Of course, I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

  3. Frank,

    Go Ron Paul!


    As a blogger and a Utahn I think supporting Ron Paul is the only way my vote and voice have any significant impact for exactly the reason you cited. Everyone knows Mitt Romney is going to win Utah's Republican delegates. If Ron Paul gives him a run for his money in this state Utah could actually send a message to the world that we really do believe in limited government.

    If that isn't a message you want to send then by all means blow the Paul campaign off and support one of the other Republican candidates. Remember though, you can't reasonably argue that you actually want to bring constitutionally based government back to our nation if you support those jokers.

  4. Reach,

    It's just so amazing to me how much interest Ron Paul is generating. The final tally by Sunday night was over $1.2 million donated. It's still a bit behind the frontrunners, but not by much.


    Maybe we can get Ron to implement federal school vouchers when he gets elected!

    Just kidding. But seriously, it would be interesting for me to hear what he has to say about them. I've changed my thinking on a couple of other issues he's addressed, such as (I now agree that) the Federal application of the death penalty is very unfair, and the Federal drug war has been a miserable failure.

  5. Wow. We might just make a good libertarian out of you yet Frank!!!

  6. Jeremy, I think you misunderstand me. I am not arguing that anyone should not support Ron Paul. I would be tickled if he ended up generating substantial support. I am simply making observations and analyzing what I see actually happening. I'm not saying that I'm happy about it. It would be great if my analysis turned out to be overly pessimistic.


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