Ron Paul and the Theory of Two Speeding Cars

If two speeding cars are heading toward a cliff, and one is going 100 miles per hour, but the other is only going 70, if neither makes a course correction, they will both ultimately crash and burn into several little pieces when they hit the bottom. One will get there sooner, but other than that, there's not much difference between the two results. America is approaching that cliff, and the two cars are labelled Republican and Democrat. Which one is going faster? You decide. But it doesn't really matter.

Unless you vote for Ron Paul that is.

I told my friends the theory of two speeding cars when George W. Bush ran against Al Gore in 2000. I voted for neither. I told my friends this theory again when GW ran against John Kerry in 2004. I voted for neither. In both cases I feel completely vindicated. It wasn't hard BEFORE THE FACT to see that neither driver of either car put forward by their party would correct their respective suicide courses.

So why the heck did everyone vote for them? Because they were the only ones who had a chance to win? That's a stupid reason.

If you made that mistake, are you man or woman enough to admit it? I want you to take a vow. Say it with a mantra...I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR AN ESTABLISHMENT CANDIDATE AGAIN.

There is precisely ONE CANDIDATE in either mainstream party who fits this description. There is only who can get in that car and steer it away from the impending cliff.

Ron Paul is that candidate. It is becoming more likely and more realistic that Ron Paul will become the driver of the Republican car next February. If you haven't caught the Ron Paul fever yet, there is no better time than now.

If you haven't donated to the Ron Paul campaign yet, do it now. Even if it's only 5 dollars. That how Ron is raising his millions--from people like me and you, not from his corporate groupies like everyone else.

If you haven't registered Republican so that you can vote for Ron Paul, plug your nose and DO IT NOW.

You no longer have the excuse of not voting for him, because now, Ron Paul can win. If good people like you jump on the Ron Paul train, he will win.

Do in your heart what you are beginning to see is the best choice for America, and DO IT NOW.

Ron Paul is Hope for America.


  1. "It is becoming more likely and more realistic that Ron Paul will become the driver of the Republican car next February."

    Now you're talking crazy.

  2. I think the trick is trying to get people to vote for a person of charater instead of someone who they think will win.

    I think Ron's platform is very resfreshing and it's easy to see why people are drawn to it once they see it. The trick is just encouraging independent thought!

    What do you think the chances are that the Libertarian Party might opt to put their weight behind Ron as well? I'd hate to see them split the vote with another candidate...

  3. Good point. I hadn't thought about that. Does the LP have their own candidate? If so, it would be nice just for them to say, we're not fielding a candidate this year--vote for Ron!

  4. UK is right. People generally like being identified with the winning team, so they tend to migrate to those candidates they believe to be most viable. People don't like being identified with the loser. It makes them feel like losers.

    However, human nature also means that people like an underdog. Paul's biggest problem right now is that the vast majority of voters know absolutely nothing about him. Gallup's latest polling pegs that number at 71% of likely voters, as opposed to 13% that know nothing about Giuliani.

    If Paul can get his face and his message into people's consciousness (and I mean a LOT more people), he could easily come across as the underdog. That's how Paul's campaign has to use the money it has coming in.

  5. I was wondering what impact Glenn Beck's comments on Ron would have on his campaign. Yes, they are generally in a negative light, but I don't think he has yet to provide a decent argument against voting for Ron, and I wonder how many people do a little research on him to find out more about him.

    That's where my conversion came from!!

    And unfortunately, I think the Libertarians will be entering their own candidate. However, I think if Ron could get on the ballot, no reason objectively thinking Libertarians wouldn't consider voting for him, as a way to vote for their principles, and back a winner.


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