Somebody Forgot to Remind the Government about Daylight Savings

A buddy of mine was spittin' mad this morning. He woke up late and was thus late to some important meetings he had to be to. What happened? He relied on the government to keep his clock running correctly.

I checked my PDA-phone, and it has the correct time. So does my computer. But the government's computers don't.

Back in 2005, the government got all sophisticated-silly and decided it would be a huge payoff to change the date on which we switch to daylight savings time. I was irritated by it then. Now, when the government can't even comply with its own edicts, I'm even more perturbed.

They've had two years to notify everyone of their stupid change--setting our clocks back on the first week in November rather than on the last week in October. And they still can't get it right.

My friend has a clock that is linked to--and gets its time from--a government satellite. Today is October 28th, which would have been the day we set our clocks back an hour for daylight savings, had it not been for government's cockamamie attempt to make itself look valuable by moving the change back a week. So, faithful to its programming, the satellite changed to daylight, not next week like it should have.

Leave it to government to screw up something so simple, that it had two years to get right.

It's a good thing the private sector took over when Y2K hit. If it had been government's job to fix everything, we'd have probably still been reeling.

And you're still thinking about entrusting government with your health care?


  1. The same thing happened to me this morning. To my surprise (and without my knowledge), my main clock re-set itself to Daylight Savings Time. Someone was coming over this morning, and when I finally realized what had happened, I suddenly found myself scrambling. Grr.

  2. I was not impacted by the government's clock failure, but my parents were. We expect government to do far more than it was ever designed to accomplish satisfactorily.

  3. Expecting the government to do anything for us, is likely a mistake...

    I saw a list on Ron Paul's site a while back of all the things Ron Paul was promising not to do for us as president.

    Anyone know where I can find a copy of that...

  4. And what happened to Thanksgiving this year?

    Luckily a friend came over and set me straight on daiy light savings AND thanksgiving- or my month would have been really jacked up.

  5. Where is the connection between a government screw-up on the time and health care?

    Not even one of the proposed health care solutions have the government running health care. The government will not own the hospitals, they will not employ the doctors, they will not dispense the medication.

    So, help me, and draw this parallel, please?

  6. Salt,

    At least Thanksgiving is not as bad as how they scheduled Easter way back when, to appease all the various factions. ;-)


    I think you're using semantic slight of hand. I didn't say the government would be running it. They don't have to do that to screw it up. All they have to do is control it.

    They screwed up the rules governing daylight savings and couldn't even follow them. They have screwed up the rules governing health care, and whenever they make a specific mistake, there's hardly anything we can do about it. And they want to make MORE rules about health care? That's scary.

  7. Speaking as another Blogger who just did a rant about DST (, I gottah say this one made me laugh.

    On a more serious note, I noticed that "Desert Bayou" opened in SLC this weekend. Considering most of the film is set in your fair city and has a lot to say about the LDS, I was wondering what the take on it was thus far. If you've seen it, let me know.

    Thanks in Advance,

  8. Rod,

    I was not aware of Desert Bayou the movie. Thanks for making me aware of it. The trailer of it that I just watched had me grimacing a couple of times at the way one or two of the people spoke about those who came here from New Orleans, but it appears that for the most part Utahns were very welcoming, as they should be.

    I am very intrigued by the trailer and I'll try to watch the movie while it's in the theater in SLC.

    Thanks for stopping by SUMP, and I'm glad you found some humor here.

  9. My PDA tried to switch me to DST Saturday, but since the government forgot to give me my mind control pills last week, I verified it independently. I was not late to church.


    They told me they were multi-vitamins - For my own good...

  11. Yes,

    And don't forget to take one or the other of the horse-sized mind-control pills labeled either "Vote for Hillary" or "Vote for Rudy".



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