Of Course Democrats Support Ron Paul

There are intelligent people in both major political parties, as well as in the smaller ones. Intelligent people are more apt to support Ron Paul. Therefore, not only are there Republicans who support Ron Paul, so are there Democrats. And for the very same reasons. Because we are all sick to the puking point of the "Fail-America-First" foreign policy of our self-serving Establishment.

The bloody-murder screamers in the knee-jerk wing of the Republican party claim that Ron Paul is going after the Democrats. As though that is somehow bad. Oh that's right...it was bad when Ronald Reagan did it...I forgot.

Actually, though, the knee-jerkers have it backwards. The Democrats are going after Ron Paul, because they like what he has to say. What Ron Paul espouses should be the fundament of all political parties in the United States (as it was upwards of 100 years ago), but somehow it no longer is. That "somehow" is the Establishment creeping in a hijacking both parties.

The intelligent people in both parties have kinda sorta noticed this, what with the latest incarnation of Keystone International Cop--aka George W. Bush--making an absolute mess of things in the world. The intelligent people in both parties--at least the ones who have studied what Ron Paul has been saying for the last twenty-something years--hear a familiar ring to it, and they all want him to be President of the United States.

The intelligent people in both parties who have NOT studied what Ron Paul has to say simply need to click here and start studying.

Democrats, as well as Republicans, who support the Constitutional principles that our country was founded on, can not in good conscience support another Establishment cookie-cutter pawn. We've had enough bombing of Iraq by both Bushes. We've had enough bombing of Bosnia by Bill Clinton, and we sure as heck don't want another one of either of these two dynastic families to sit in the White House--ever again!

A friend of mine from Florida was pleasantly surprised yesterday to find out that I was also supporting Ron Paul (and I likewise). He put it something like this: "It just goes to show you that there are small pockets of very intelligent people all over the country."

I've been called crazy. I've been called a kook. I've been called even scarier than Ron Paul himself (considering that Ron is not scary at all, this is probably the only true epithet that has been hurled my direction). I've been called a Paultard by the Kostards and the Wonkettards. I've heard that Ron Paul and his followers are mean and that we have our heads in the sand on foreign policy.

But at least they haven't called me a racist yet, like they have Congressman Paul. Or a nazi. Or the most tired of them all--a homosexual. Ron can take it and keep dishing out the truth and the malevolence--which will even make the Establishment minions more angry. The Ron Paul hate machine is in full and frantic high gear. It will (and already has) make the neocons look like idiots if it succeeds to the highest office in the land. To this particular article, I found a couple of the responses very enlightening, as they seem to have come from enlightened and even-keeled people (emphasis added):
Ron Paul suporters at my door
I had a Ron Paul supporter knock on my door yesterday. There are a group that looked to be about six total going door to door down my street. These had to be some serious hardcores as it was about 2 degrees and the wind was blowing hard. I had a nice conversation with one of them and they were only looking to spread the Ron Paul message, distribute literature, and appeal for everyone to caucus regardless of who you support. Overall it was a pleasant experience.
Makes a lot of sense to me
I have voted Democrat for the last 18 years and when I first heard Ron Paul talk on the Colbert Show I went to my computer to find out more about him. Am I not a Democrat or is he just appealing to my true beliefs? I've switched my party affiliation so I can vote for him in the primaries. Maybe you are wrong about these tactics, they worked on me and they'll probably work for others.
Am I accusing you of being dumb because you don't support Ron Paul? No. You make that decision--whether you're dumb or not. What I am suggesting is that if you are intelligent, you will study up on the on Paul phenomenon.

Chances are very likely that you'll become a part of it.

And if so, welcome aboard the Ron Paul Revolution!!


  1. This phenomenon of Democrats flocking to a Republican candidate that Ron Paul is enjoying hasn't happened in many years, but it's not unprecedented.

    You might be too young to remember, but the Republican party fought tooth and nail against Ronald Reagan, too. Bush senior coined the term "voodoo economics" to try to shout down Reagan's low-tax, free market policies.

  2. I was just old enough to vote, but I didn't know all the mechanics of it until later. But Reagan was the first person I ever voted for in a political election.

  3. I will be sworn in as a US Citizen in 2 weeks time. I shall be stopping by the county clerk's office on the way home to register to vote. Ron Paul will be getting my vote and likely the Mrs. vote at the primaries.

    It was good to see Obama do well in Iowa, if this works out, America can choose the better of 2 real candidates instead of having to pick the lesser of 2 evils as in years past.


  4. the better of 2 real candidates...

    Exactly!! What an excellent way of putting it. It's so much more intellectually and emotionally refreshing to say that rather than "the lesser of two evils". I feel another blog post coming on... ;-)

    By the way, congratulations on your impending citizenship!


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