The Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Top 10 Includes Barack Obama and Utah Senator Bob Bennett

When Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae folded under government control a few days ago, it was rumored that the CEOs of both institutions were to be receiving a total of $24 million in severance packages. Currently, those payouts have been put on hold, but what about Fannie and Freddie bribes that have been paid to 354 different Senators and Congressmen over the last 19 years? Shouldn't they have to pay those back? Barack Obama, in his short tenure in the Senate, is number 2 on the list of 'bribees'. Utah Senator Robert Bennett, however, is not far behind.

OpenSecrets is reporting that Senator Chris Dodd has taken more in campaign contributions since 1989 from Fannie and Freddie ($165,400) than any other federal government representative. Whether that encompasses 3 or 4 senatorial election cycles, it still means upwards of $40,000 per election has been donated to Dodd by the twin sister shyster financial institutions. Having been elected to the Senate only once, Barack Obama, surprisingly, is 2nd on the list of takers at $126,349. It sounds like the financial whores want Obama to keep quiet about their field day. Interestingly, John McCain has reportedly received only $21,550. And Ron Paul is on the hook for a whopping $3,500 (that is probably an oversight that Paul is attempting to correct).

I was taken to dinner as a City Councilman one time by a

Bob Bennett has been in the Senate long enough. So has Barack Obama. And he's not fit to be president either.

developer who wanted to develop a large tract of land in our city. After the dinner, I found myself feeling beholden to the developer simply as a result of a $15 meal. I didn't like that feeling, and I never did it again. Imagine how beholden Obama, Bennett, and Dodd must feel having been wined and dined with tens of thousands of dollars.

The impending doom of Fannie and Freddie had been known or projected for several years. Yet many thereby-tainted leaders of the United States continued to accept donations from the whorehouse. I think that disqualifies them from the trust that voters must place in them to elect them to federal public office.

Don't you?

Bob Bennett has been in the Senate long enough. So has Barack Obama. And he's not fit to be president either.


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