My New Automobile Health Plan

I don't know why they took so long to come up with the idea. Considering how effective most health insurance plans are, I knew it would be only a matter of time before they came up with health insurance plans for cars!

My car was having some troubles today, at least I think it was. So I wasn't taking any chances. I took it over to my mechanic. Because the mechanic was on my insurance company's Preferred Mechanic List (PML), I had a co-pay of only $15 dollars. I can remember the days when my Preferred Mechanic (PM) told me that to
just look under my car's hood, it was going to cost me $40; this is waaayyyy better.

At this visit to my PM, there was nothing really wrong with my car, but a month ago, I saved a lot of money under my new automobile health plan. When the head gasket blew, it was awesome that it only cost me fifteen bucks!! It's too bad that my Preferred Mechanic didn't check my radiator fluid every time I went in for an oil change (see below), but I guess that's his fault.

I was getting sick of the rising cost of tune-ups, too. It's nice that my Preferred Mechanic now accepts my co-pay. I just let him deal with it if my insurance company thinks his cost is an "over-allowance" and doesn't pay him everything he charged.

And oil changes? They were getting a bit costly, too. But now that I only have to pay $15, I actually go in more often than every 3,000 miles. After all, if changing your oil is good every 3,000 miles, it's got to be even better to do it more often!

Hey, what's this new deduction on my pay stub? "MYINSCO AUTOHLTH"? What the crap is that? $275.38 for the month of December 2006? And the "Emplr Contrib" column says $889.72 for the same month...

Holy cow. My car is expensive!!!


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