Political Radicalism

I guess I'm not as much of a political radical as I thought. Of course it just might be the way some of the questions were worded.

Here are some of the things that the Political Radicalism quiz defined:

  • People in authority usually don't know what they're talking about - and they should be questioned.
  • People should be able to own any firearms they want, for self defense.
  • The tax system needs to be totally overhauled or abolished. [Even if it does mean my brother will lose a substantial portion of his livelihood--but he's an entrepreneur with the best of them.]
  • People on a jury should be able to vote "not guilty" if they think the law is wrong.
Here are some of the questions I wish had been reworded (I would have voted yes for the reworded version):

  • "Fast food is unhealthy and should be seriously regulated, if not banned." Should have said: "Fast food is unhealthy and people should be smart enough not to eat it very often."
  • "People shouldn't have to pay taxes to support wars they don't believe in." Should have said: "People should get more involved in the political process and then maybe we wouldn't have stupid leaders getting us into stupid wars."
  • "If someone wants to live in a community that's only one race or ethnicity, that's their right." Should have said: "If someone of a race or ethnicity wants to live in a community where there is only one (different) race or ethnicity, that's their right."
  • "Obscenity laws are insane. Adult materials and entertainment should be freely available in every community." Should have said: "The obscenity laws are not enforced well enough, and this is causing national insanity."
If you'd like to take the quiz, click on the link below.

You Are 20% Politically Radical

You're a very traditional person and perhaps a little resistant to change. In a few more years, your beliefs will be so old fashioned that they'll be radical!


  1. My issue with these kind of 'tests' is similar to what I've seen in the pop-psych personality tests and the numberless hords of books. Almost without exception these tests reveal more about the person, or persons, that create them than they ever do at accurately measuring anything of value.

    I'll likely end up trying the thing out of some sick curiosity and inexplicable entertainment value I can at times derive from such seemingly irrational games.

  2. I agree. It wasn't much of a test.

    The only reason I liked it is because I was able to use it to more fully understand and explain myself, especially by how I would have worded the questions.

    For that reason I don't take too many surveys, because they almost always try to pigeon-hole me into one of a very few answers, none of which really even approximates the way I feel about the issue.


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