Cell Phones Suck Our Brains Out

I've seen a lot of examples lately of people who appear brain-dead while talking on their cell phones while driving their cars. In an effort of full disclosure, I'm sure I fall into the same category now and then.

Have you ever been driving down the road late at night and you suddenly realize you don't remember the last several minutes of your trip, and you ask yourself "How did I get here?" You know at that point it's time to pull over and take a short snooze.

But how often do you do the same thing when talking on your cell phone while driving? The lack of awareness is probably not as bad as when we're extremely tired, but it is still dangerous.

Have you been lane-changed on by a cell-phone driver? I have. It did not end up being a near-death experience, but it was nonetheless dangerous to me and the drivers behind me that I had to slow down abruptly in front of.

The thing that bugs me the very most, because I see it probably 3 or more times per week is the person on the cell phone who doesn't realize that they are in the passing lane of the freeway and that there are 15 vehicles stacked up behind them wishing they could go faster (i.e. the speed limit).

Yesterday I was nearly in a collision because a vehicle on a side street attempted to cross the main road on which I was driving, because the driver was talking on his cell phone. Either he didn't see me at all, or he didn't realize I was turning left to drive past where he should have been waiting at the stop sign.

I've decided then, that cell phones suck our brains out. So next time you use your cell phone while driving, find a nice place to pull off the road and take the conversation.


  1. I have an alternative theory: These people may be bad / inattentive drivers to begin with, and cell phone usage makes them worse. It doesn't necessarily follow that ordinarily good and considerate drivers turn bad with cell phones. On the other hand, when someone cuts me off or does something dumb, I admit that the first thing I look for is whether they are on the phone. So maybe my head and heart don't feel the same way on this one.


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