Run! He's a Mormon!

Some members of the LDS church are lining up behind Mitt Romney and are glad that he's running for President of the United States. Others are saying, 'Run away! It's a Mormon running for president!' Should Mr. Romney's religion matter? Not really. What really matters is if he would make a good president. I'm not sure...

For those of you who hadn't already heard it, I thought I'd pass this one on:

"There's no doubt history is in the making with the 2008 presidential race. We may have either the first Black president, the first Woman president, or the first Mormon president. Why not kill three birds with one stone - elect Gladys Knight president and call it a day." --Lloyd Benson & Kyle Stephens

I heard rumors that a recent Gallup poll stated that two-thirds of Americans would not vote for a Mormon for president. What I found is that (at least most recently) 72% would. But that's still 3 out of 10 who wouldn't vote for someone because of his or her religion.

Mitt Romney, a Mormon running for president, is very palatable for a lot of Mormons. I am not necessarily one of them. He's probably not too palatable for a lot of non-LDS Christians. That is probably because a great deal of them surprisingly dismiss the LDS church as non-Christian. I would like to see the poll breakdown between non-LDS Christians and non-Christians--I'll bet more non-Christians (because of lower prejudice) would vote for a Mormon for president.

Mitt is a very polished speaker, Hugh Hewitt reminded me yesterday morning as I listed to "The Right Balance" with Greg Allen. Much more polished than the often-bumbling George W. Bush. Not all presidents have been very good at extemporaneous speaking. Clinton probably was, though. Reagan and Kennedy definitely were.

That's one thing going for Mitt. We probably need someone who can do a much better job of articulating America's place in the world than George W. Bush has done, especially as to what we're trying to accomplish in Iraq.

Mr. Hewitt also told Greg Allen that his perspective regarding Mitt Romney was not that he was a flip-flopper, but that he has changed his opinions as more information has come to him. That's the way I am, so I can respect that out of Mitt. And I generally like where he stands on moral issues, immigration, the war on terror, taxes, and health care as well.

I still am looking at a couple of other Republican presidential candidates that I like better, but I'm beginning to think that at any rate, Mitt Romney might just make an excellent president.

What do you think?


  1. Frank, I am sure you got upwards of a dozen emails saying to 'take this poll if you would vote for a mormon.' I know I did. I never responded to any. Cause I think that, like you stated in this post, is, or at least should be, irrelevant. I don't care if he is mormon or Hari Krishna. Where does he stand on certain issues, and what are his plans if he makes office? That is what is important in a Presidential race, not whether he is mormon, black, or a she.

  2. I don't know. To me, Mitt kind of comes across a little too much like, "I'm doing this because I'm so great." I felt that Kerry did this in '04. Of course, Mitt can be electrifying to listen to, while listening to Kerry is like watching Lurch from the Addam's Family.

  3. The reasons Bush has had trouble "articulating America's place in the Iraq" are

    1. Bush doesn't care about America's place in the world; he cares about multinational corporations' place in the world.

    2. Bush lied about why we were going to Iraq, and everyone knows that when you lie about something, it is very difficult to be articulate about it later. This is why police interrogators know that to catch people in a lie, just let them keep talking.

  4. Danny,

    All I can say is "Royer"!


    I agree somewhat with you. Mitt will have to show that we misunderstood him when he was in Utah for the winter olympics.


    In short, I will say that I essentially agree with both of your statements. I have never voted for a Bush, and in retrospect I know that I was correct not to have.


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