My March Madness is Maddening

So far, I am way behind in the office polls for March Madness. But my prospects are good. I think I can make up some significant ground in the next week or so. How about you?

Did your office have a poll on the NCAA men's and or women's basketball tournaments?

Always go with your first impression--that's what they always say, right? My first impressions were not real good a couple of days ago when I entered the men's office poll (I entered the women's one as well). After day 1 of the men's tourney, I am in 25th place out of 27 people. What went wrong? Well...

Duke has been playing poorly as of late, but they always make a good showing in March. Think again, Staheli! George Washington did well last year, so they have the knack of winning come tourney time. Choke! These turned out to be my worst two picks, because I had these two teams winning three games!

Things are looking up for me, though.

Some of my poll opponents, being true blue BYU cougar fans at heart, picked BYU to go significantly farther than losing in the first round, and a few even picked them to win it all. I picked them to lose to Ohio State in the second round.

Based just on the fact that BYU won't go past the second round, I should move up about 10 in the standings.

I promise, though, that while I am checking my scores, and even while I'm writing this post, that I am defying the odds and still being very productive in the workplace during the season of March Madness.

I think... ;-)

What about you?


  1. My Aggies are out of the NIT as are the Wildcats of Weber State :-(

    Next year Weber State and USU should make the tourney. BYU will make the NIT and Utah.... well.... they'll be rebuilding

  2. I thought the Ags would do better. I thought BYU would, too, and they almost did. But they've had this habit of fading late in the game lately.

    I picked Maryland to win it all over Ohio State. So things are not looking too good for me to win the company prize.


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