I'm Voting for Jason Chaffetz Because His Name is Not Chris Cannon

I don't think Chris Cannon has done a terrible job in Congress over the last umpteen years, but I do think he hasn't done a great job either, which is why I will be voting for Jason Chaffetz to replace him.

In recent newspaper interviews, Cannon gave as the most important reason to vote for him is that he understands how to deal with the Washington power structure. In other words, he knows how to play the game. For me, and for Jason Chaffetz, this is no game. Its our security, our liberty, and our money that Chris Cannon has helped to play fast and loose with for over a decade.

Here are a few other things I like about Chaffetz.

  • Federalism: He believes that local government is generally better, that the Federal

    Chris Cannon says he knows how to play the Washington game. For me, this is no game. Its our security, our liberty, and our money that Cannon has helped to play fast and loose with for over a decade.

    Government has broken far away from its Constitutional moorings, and that programs such as No Child Left Behind should be abolished. He sees that the Federal budget is bloated, that earmarks contribute to the problem, and that wasteful and unconstitutional spending need to be curbed dramatically.

  • Energy Independence: Chaffetz supports being able to make ourselves independent by extracting our own petroleum from our own soil (so does Johnny-come-lately Cannon when it becomes a big issue). He supports nuclear energy, but opposes taking other peoples' nuclear waste. He opposes recent Cap and Trade legislation as a government power sweepstakes.
  • Health Care: Chaffetz supports improving private access to Health Care, and he realizes that government is largely the problem with people's inability to get health insurance, and that the US does not have the resources to provide ineffective health care for everyone.
  • Immigration: One of the highest priorities for the US is to protect US citizens. A border fence/wall will go a long way in solving this ignored problem.
One area that I disagree with Jason Chaffetz (and Chris Cannon's view is similar) is with regard to the Middle East. Chaffetz' web site states:
Middle East. We must continue to protect our interests in the Middle East and help defend our allies in the region. This includes continuing to apply diplomatic pressure on rogue governments like Syria and Iran, promoting peace and democracy in Iraq, and insuring the defense and security of Israel.
I disagree. We need to butt out of the Middle East, because we are causing most of the problems there. I wish in this regard that Chaffetz could see the sagacity of Ron Paul's position. But then again, not many people do.

I think Chris Cannon is a great guy. I just think we can do better in Congress. Jason Chaffetz will do better. That's why he's got my vote.


  1. Why oh why can't we go back to a time when politics wasn't a career and when people finished their service, they went back to their real job?
    I'm kind of getting tired of people talking about their "experience" as a selling point for their candidacy. We don't need "experienced people in office, we need people who have real jobs and do real things in the real world.

  2. Ron/Jessica (and Frank): agreed.

    I let loose on Chris Cannon's blog post about seniority/experience here (see last comment). I found his post especially funny, since it was a few days later that UT Sen. Hickman wrote his op-ed about the Utah congressional delegation's ludicrous desire for seniority.

  3. R & J,

    Good point. It seems like Cannon has come more and more to expect that "experience" is all he needs. It's starting to sound pathetic.


    I loved your comment on "Chris' Blog". I have never really been a fan of Cannon, but moreso now. He seems to have been in a fog lately. His comments to KSL today while he was waving at cars was very strange and discombobulated.

    Hickman's op-ed was masterful. I only wish he had written it sooner, and I hope others have the courage to agree in print with what he wrote.

    As I am writing, I just checked the returns on ksl. 69% precincts have reported, and Chaffetz has 61%.

  4. Greetings from Chaffetz supporter. Did you see the video presentations that layed out how Cannon and Matheson were basically clones in how they acted once they got back to Washington?

    Check it out at http://www.ourcaucus.com

    The videos are pretty amazing. I’m hoping a lot more people find out about them because I think they’d help take Matheson down next.

  5. You weren't the only one to come to this conclusion. I know I'll never agree with a person on every point, but Jason gets it where it matters most to me. Much of the battle within government right now is about the idea of what government ought to do. I put in my two cents in my blog here.

    I hope we can get the word out in Utah and across the country that change is needed, but running left isn't really the change we need. I hold out some hope at least.


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