China: The Enabler of Darfur Genocide

How does Sudan get the wherewithal to resettle, torment, and kill its own citizens? A great deal of help is coming from China. Does anybody care?

Clear back in 2004 it became clear that China was enabling the Darfur genocide.

Although most Western oil companies have withdrawn from Sudan under pressure from human rights organizations, Chinese companies have turned a blind eye to the brutal way in which Sudan forced 200,000 to 300,000 of its citizens from oil-rich lands without compensation. Nor have these companies shown concern that Sudan uses oil revenue to purchase arms for its wars against its black African population.

Oil provides revenue. Revenue can be used to purchase weapons. Weapons can be used by a government to kill its own people.

But who would sell weapons to Sudan, knowing full well what they'll try to do with them? You've got three seconds to answer.

China? Very good! Go to the head of the class! (If you said Russia, you're correct as well.)

In a 24-page report obtained by AFP, Amnesty provided photographs of Russian and Chinese warplanes it said were stationed at Nyala airport in the Darfur region in the last few months.

In early March, a large bomb and some green ammunition boxes were seen next to Chinese Fantam jet bombers, it said.

It added that, on March 22, a plane described by witnesses as a Sudanese Russian-built Antonov "bombed areas north and south of the north-eastern Chadian town of Bahait."

Amnesty said Sudan imported from China 24 million dollars (18 million euros) worth of arms and ammunition, nearly 57 million dollars worth of parts and aircraft equipment and two million dollars worth of parts of helicopters and airplanes.

It cited data from Sudan for 2005, the last available trade figures.

It said the Chinese company AviChina Industry and Technology "recently delivered six K-8 military training/attack aircraft to the Sudanese Air Force and a further six will follow soon," citing an unnamed military magazine.

Why is it that so many Americans can criticize their own government, but they give other governments a pass? As America tries to help the people of Iraq restore order, we complain if an insurgent causes American troops to cause civilian collateral damage. Isn't it just as bad (I think worse) for a country to sell weapons to another government which it knows full well will be used to kill that government's citizens?

The two countries involved in sale of war materiel to Sudan have themselves a long history of genocide. It's not surprising, then, that they are aiding and abetting Sudan in similar endeavors. But that's no reason for us not to voice our concerns about it.


  1. Are American forces restoring order in Iraq? It currently doesn't seem that way with some estimates placing civilian casualties at 800,000 with many more injured and displaced. There seems to be little end in sight to the current situation. As for Darfur, this problem seems to be largely perpetuated by the Chinese government, who have a littany of their own human rights violations. But this situation seems to be barely on anyones radar and no one wants to call China on it. Perhaps because they are major investors/trading partner partners of America. Meanwhile problems like Darfur, the financing of the Janjaweed with money from the Chinese government and suppresion and persecution of the Falun Gong can go unchecked. Hell, why not hold the Olympics there? What will it take for the international community to step up and intervene? Not unlike Rawanda and the genocide that occured there I think that Darfur becomes a "black" problem that white America can't relate to and can thereby largely ignore. On a side note, I wonder how many pro war/occupation Americans can claim to be devout Christians but ignore scriptures where Christ teaches to turn the other cheek, love thy neighbor as thyself and gives the Sermon on the mount? Where does collateral damage equate in terms of those scriptures? Also in regards to situations like Darfur and Rwanda why do most church leaders remain silent instead of rebuking the parters perpetuating these genocides?

  2. It seems like the article prosecutes the gun rather than the gunmen.

    Also, none of the Christians are christians. We have all taken the name in vain. We are pagans with our love of money and power. So no country will intervene to stop any genocide anywhere. Unless there are imperial interests.

    Recognition of whatever happened to Jews during WW2 is a good example. Genocide of Armenians, though, during WW1 is still persistently denied by imperial powers, paradoxically, including Jewish.

    Mormons are one of those pagan 'Christians', with their love of money and brainless support for imperialist agenda.


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