A Surefire Way to Cure One Effect of Global Warming

In his scientific magnum opus, An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore opined that he was rather sure that man-made global warming would cause a rise of 20 feet in the earth's oceans in fairly short order. Alas, we have found a way to solve that problem.

While using radio waves to treat his leukemia, John Kanzius discovered that at the right frequency, salt water will combust.

The possibility of powering cars with radio waves and salt water is as of yet far fetched, but imagine the ramifications. Salt water is much more plentiful than oil. And the combustion of salt water would counteract the effects that Ambassador Gore says are sure to come. Excellent!

Eat, drink, and be merry, for we have conquered global warming!!!


  1. Please people go read the article,

    Here is the important snip-it and nice that you can get a shot in towards Al Gore but miss the most important part of the article. This just must be us liberals and that dang science we insist on using.

    Online skeptics are throwing cold water on the idea, saying the laws of science pose some problems:

    # "It takes more electricity to split the water into hydrogen and oxygen than you get back in energy by burning the hydrogen and oxygen to recreate water and get the heat. So there is no new 'source' of power, since you are just converting electricity into a lesser amount of energy. You could get more heat energy out of electricity by running it through a blow dryer and THAT is not considered a 'new' energy source."

    # "Basic chemistry: the amount of energy required to free the hydrogen from the oxygen in H2O is more than the energy released when the hydrogen and oxygen recombine and burn. The flame is clearly the color of ionized sodium from the salt. Whatever the actual specific explanation, which they don't bother to approach in the video, water and salt don't burn without puting more energy into the reaction than you get out. Turning a lot of radio energy into a little heat and light is no breakthrough."

    # "Using RF energy, or any other energy to first break down the hydrogen and oxygen water molecule into its constituent H2 and O2 molecules, and then burning the products is old technology. ... However, if the RF H2O cracking method can be developed such that it is a superior way over current methods used to produce H2, which can subsequently be used in H2 fuel-cell automobiles for example, then THAT might be of value as well."

  2. I'm not sure you caught the gist of my article. Perhaps I should have had an accompanying photograph of a tongue in a cheek.

    Everyone, including the plethora of "scientists" and few scientists from the International Panel on Climate Change think that Al Gore's claim of 20 feet increase in sea level is a bit much, to say the least.


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