Iran and the Looming "Nicaraguan Missile Crisis"

A couple weeks ago I opined in this space that we shouldn't care if Iran has nuclear weapons. If, however, some recent, alleged developments in Nicaragua are true, I may have to stand corrected.

Is Iran still developing nuclear weapons? Is Gordon B. Hinckley Mormon? Is Bismarck the capital of North Dakota? Is the ocean made up largely of salt and water?

Ain't no politically motivated National Intelligence Estimate gonna convince me otherwise. Of course Iran is still centrifuging uranium, so yes, they are still on the path to developing nuclear weapons. But we shouldn't care...or should we??

Some people in Nicaragua think we should.
MONKEY POINT, Nicaragua — The second military helicopter in as many days hovered over the jungle and then landed to a most unwelcome reception from several dozen angry Rama Indian and Creole villagers.

Rupert Allen Clear Duncan, a leader of some 400 Creole who live along the shoreline, confronted the foreigners dressed in suits and military uniforms that day in March and demanded to know the purpose of their aerial trespasses.

"This is our land; we have always lived here, and you don't have our permission to be here," Duncan spat, when refused the courtesy of an explanation.

Not until Duncan threatened to have his machete-waving followers damage the aircraft did they learn that some of the men were from the Islamic Republic of Iran and had come promising to establish a Central American foothold in the middle of their territory.

As part of a new partnership with Nicaragua's Sandinista President Daniel Ortega, Iran and its Venezuelan allies plan to help finance a $350 million deep-water port at Monkey Point on the wild Caribbean shore, and then plow a connecting "dry canal" corridor of pipelines, rails and highways across the country to the populous Pacific Ocean. Iran recently established an embassy in Nicaragua's capital.

They might be right. Let's hope the Boland Amendment democrats aren't still around. If so, we may well have a lot of worryin' to do.


  1. Where's Ollie North when you need him? He could give the Iranians some more missiles.

    Iran doesn't have a nuclear weapons program. I know this because Israel hasn't dropped any bombs on Iran.

  2. Does that mean, then, that Syria has a nuclear weapons program...or that Iran's nuclear weapons program is in Syria? ;-)

  3. I think Syria built a building that looked exactly like a North Korean nuclear reactor because they wanted Israel to bomb it.

    The IDF fell for it, and the raid revealed a key Israeli capability of hacking the Syrian air defense network. Advantage Syria.

    Clearly, the Israelis wouldn't hesitate to bomb anything suspicious in Iran. But there are no targets because Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program, and they haven't built any decoys either.

  4. Yes, and Syria let Israel seize the Golan Heights in 1967, so they could have a grievance for the next 40 years.

  5. Given that the Syrian-built structure is clearly visible on commercial Digital Globe satellite imagery that was posted on Google Earth, they might as well have painted "bomb me" on the roof in Hebrew.


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