Ron Paul Most Popular Presidential Candidate on Google

Ron Paul: First he gets hundreds of thousands of donations totaling millions of dollars, placing him in the top tier of presidential candidates. Now it comes to light that Ron Paul is the Google search presidential candidate of choice. How much longer can the establishment ignore him?

Hillary and Rudy didn't even beat him. Ron Paul beat all presidential candidates in terms of the number of times his name was searched for in the year 2007 on Google.
This year's list, released today, details some surprising results. Quick, name the most popular presidential candidate based on who users were searching for: Hillary Clinton? Rudy Guiliani? Nope. The outspoken, quirky Ron Paul beat out all other candidates.

Mayer tells me, in our exclusive interview, that, "Ron Paul had a huge up-swell in terms of online interest. He had the largest fundraising day online ever. I think people are wondering who he is and what he stands for and it gives them interest in searching for him." Of course, his results are probably helped by the fact that conventional media tends to dwell only on the front-runners, spurring voters to search for information on their own. And that's where Google comes in.
Interesting that if you want to find something out about a very popular candidate--Ron Paul--the best place to find it is outside the mainstream media.

In case you're wondering if the Ron Paul robots are spamming the search engines, think again. Marissa Meyer, Google's vice president of search and user experience was a guest on The Right Balance with Greg Allen this morning. Greg asked her about search spam to increase the popularity of certain search terms. Marissa replied that Google has very sophisticated algorithms in place to assure that such spam does not find its way into the search statistics.

This Ron Paul guy--he's becoming quite a phenomenon. What do you know about him? Click here to find out more.

Can Ron Paul win the presidency? Does he have the popularity? To both questions, the answer is: absolutely!


  1. Regardless of how a person feels about Ron Paul (me for example, I wouldn't trust his "movement" to keep up in a general election), you cannot deny that he has run one of the most creative and responsive campaigns of any candidate.

    His use of supporter energy, online resources, and internet messaging is nothing short of a wake up call for the front runners of this and future elections.

  2. You can't watch a popular You Tube clip with out somewhere in the thread there isn't someone politely 'encouraging' you to check out Ron Paul.

    When you've got thousands of minions on the internet privately pushing Ron Paul on every popular site out there- it's inevitable he'll lead in Google.

    He probably also leads the polls of candidates that you are most likely to think about while driving underneath freeway bridges. (Do you make those revolution signs at monthly meetings in a garage or is there a memo that went out on 'how to make your own revolution poster'?)

    I like Ron Paul, the way I liked Ross Perot. He doesn't have a chance but man it would be an entertaining 4 years.

  3. It would be entertaining from the standpoint of President Paul having another standoff with the establishment. But it would be a lot better place in 4 and then hopefully 8 years. I am sick of the establishment way of doing things, and if our nation is to remain great, we've got to get rid of the establishment mindset and personnel.

    That's why Ron Paul is so important. That's why so many hundreds of thousands of people agree with me. Now if we can just get a few more hundreds of thousands to see the light, it will be President Paul next November.

  4. I originally googled Ron Paul, becuase I heard Glenn Beck talking about how he would not make a good president.

    The more I read about him, see him on TV and the like, the more I am convinced the man is incredible. He offers something that no other presidential contender can - integrity. Obama comes close, but no-one can match Pauls refreshing approach.

    Frank, did you see the announcement from the Libertarian Party last week? Being a separate political party, they can't endorse a candidate from another party, but they have offered Paul their nomination if he doesn't make it in the Republican Primaries. I everyone who said they like Paul but don't think he can win actually voted for him, I think we could well see

  5. I think I converted two friends today with your logic--the people who like Paul should vote for him, regardless if they think he can win or not. In the process, the worst that can happen is they keep their political integrity intact. The best-case scenario is that they help the best candidate on to victory.

    I'm beginning to be more optimistic all the time.


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