The Six Million Dollar Ron Paul Media Blackout

The leading radio talk show hosts don't like him and make fun of him every once in a while, but not enough to let people know who he really is (Glenn Beck is finally hosting Ron Paul on his CNN show tonight). Ron Paul just raised $6 million in one day on Boston Tea Party money bomb day, and what are the media saying about him? Still, not much. What a bunch of lackeys.

Ron Paul is the new Six Million Dollar Man, but to the media he's like the homely girl standing against the wall at the high school dance. Imagine if Giuliani or Clinton did something like this. Besides the fact that donations would be from a far fewer number of rich supporters, and that the donations would be thousands of dollars per person higher than Ron Paul's average donation receipt, the media would be slobbering all over themselves to report the accomplishment of the impossible.

It is the most raised EVER by any presidential candidate in one day, but the media are virtually ignoring it, many sites begrudgingly running the same bland Associated Press stories. What are they saying about Ron Paul's amazing feat, where
  • 55,000 people donated
  • 25,000 people donated for the first time ever to the Ron Paul campaign
  • The average donation was $102
  • The median donation was about $50?
They're saying that Mitt Romney raised more in one day. Bullcrap.

They're saying that Ron Paul will stay in the race until February 5th, giving the impression that he'll drop out thereafter. With all this money and support? You have got to be on drugs!

They're saying that he lags in opinion polls. Well, duh! It's easy to skew the results with carefully crafted "opinion polls" that surgically determine poll respondents. Try asking people who didn't vote Republican in the last election.

C'mon media. This is monumental! Ron Paul just raised SIX MILLION DOLLARS IN ONE DAY. Admit it. Ron Paul is not only a viable, but a formidable candidate. You should treat him like one. Are you really impartial? You're not showing it.

But your vision of the anointed is about to come crashing to the ground. Because more and more people are finding out--with nearly no thanks to you--who this Ron Paul guy really is. And the more they find out, the more they find out

"We have the technology. We can rebuild [it]"--the United States of America. And the Six Million Dollar Man is the right man to take the helm of the ship of state.

"Damn the torpedoes [from the media], full speed ahead!"


  1. Frank, Ron Paul had a nice, friendly interview with Joe Scarborough this morning on MSNBC. He got to say a lot of intelligent stuff. Nobody asked him about his support for the gold standard.

    You want an example of a total media blackout? Rep. Robert Wexler and three other members of the House Judiciary Committee wrote an op-ed calling for hearings on VP Dick Cheney's articles of impeachment. No major newspaper would print it.

    Wexler has collected almost 90,000 signatures online in just a few day. Again, no mention in the major media.

  2. Good point. I am not surprised at all that the same media that would black out Ron Paul would also protect Dick Cheney. They are polar opposites when it comes to political and establishment issues.

    From what I've seen of Joe Scarborough, I like him. I think he's a fair-minded individual. I'm glad to hear that he visited with Ron.

  3. Frank, I've spoken to a lot of people who support Ron Paul, but in the end, most of them say (or feel) they're 'throwing their vote away' because they're not voting for the two parties. And that infuriates me the most--here's a candidate that you like, but you won't vote for him / her because he's not in the majority?

    Unfortunately, if we don't send a message to the larger political parties (even at the expense of having a less-than-ideal choice elected), the two parties will NEVER CHANGE. It reminds me of parents who choose not to discipline their kids because it's 'easier' to be friends than to be a parent. In the end, you get a kid who's a monster--and it seems like we're to that point politically.

    Without sending a clear message to the two political monopolies (even at the risk / expense of having someone from your least-favorite party getting elected because of a split), we will continue to have a political oligopoly.

  4. And that's the way the establishment wants it--people who are afraid to vote for the best candidate because they've been conditioned to think it (or the candidate) is somehow weird.

    Your parent analogy is excellent. And I agree that unless we tell the establishmentarians to take a hike, they're going to continue to screw up both our domestic and foreign policy.

  5. The "Morning Joe" web page has the video of Ron Paul's interview. Joe Scarborough teased him a bit about what wars he would support. Congressman Paul gave a completely principled answer-- he's against any undeclared war. Plus, he has some doubt about President Wilson's motives in getting the U.S. involved in World War I.


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