Is Utah Senator Chris Buttars a Racist, or Just a Dolt?

Do I think Chris Buttars is a racist? Yes. Based I what I've heard him say about homosexuals, I think his statement that "this baby is black" was a racist comment. I think it was a faux pas of gigantic, Freudian proportions. I think it reveals what is inside Chris Buttars' heart. I think the apology given for his statement will be hard to take seriously.

Do I think Buttars should resign from the Utah Senate? No. Let's let his constituents decide that one in the next election.

I have no proof that Chris Buttars is a racist. But how in the world could he come up with a statement like the one he uttered, and not be at least a racist of the closet variety? So I'm pretty sure he is.

In days gone by, it was fairly common for Utahns to be racist. I think it was more out of ignorance and lack of association with people of other races, more than anything. Chris Buttars, however, seems to be a throwback to that otherwise hopefully forgotten era. We know very well now, that when got created all men equal that he included people of all races. I encourage Senator Buttars to jump in his time machine and chart a course for 2008.

On the other hand, I am a bit put off by the Utah NAACP's Jeanetta Williams' call for his resignation. She has a right to hope he would resign, but it would show much more class on her part for her to simply express

Chris Buttars, in attempting to put principle above people, violates principle on a regular basis.

her displeasure toward his comments, and then wait for the next election to solve the problem. Besides his subliminally derived racist comments, I can't imagine that (1) the things that Chris Buttars has said about homosexuals, and (2) the ways he has used his campaign funds are appealing to his constituents.

What he said about blacks makes him a first class dolt. It also classifies him as a racist in my book.

Chris Buttars, in attempting to put principle above people, violates principle on a regular basis. He is a discredit to the Utah legislature.

I can only hope that the people in his district agree with me come election time.


  1. I agree with you assessment of Buttars, but disagree on the point of asking him to resign. The list of Americans who have had to resign their jobs for just such a reason is long and illustrious. It's an appropriate response.

    It demeans the people of Utah for him to remain in office after this incident. I, too, am saying he should step down post haste.

  2. Sen. Buttars is an example that there are still Utahns, that have not, ahem, evolved.

  3. this whole buttars thing was a faked media creation instigated by the homo movement in utah.

    the real issue is that the fags hate buttar for stopping the homo marriage registery instigated by the slc f.o.g.
    (fag occupation government).

  4. Bekkieann and Obi Wan,

    Thanks for your comments. I can appreciate Bekkieann's disagreement.


    Do you happen to live in northern Idaho?

  5. The republicans have been working hard to dig up the dirt on Obama now that he is the front runner.

    Chris Buttars is holding a press conference today to announce that he has it on good authority, that Obama has fathered [not one but] two black babies.

  6. From headline:
    "Is Utah Senator Chris Buttars a Racist..."

    Remember, when the politically correct use the term racist, they simply mean white Gentiles who discriminate.

    It is a racial slur directed only at white Gentiles. Racist = honky, or honky-ish.

    So, the translation of the quote would be: "Is Utah Senator Chris Buttars a Honky..."

  7. Anonymous,

    I'm assuming it was the same person that made all 3 anonymous comments on this article, none of which hold much water.

    A racist comment is a racist comment is a racist comment.

    A racist is a racist is a racist.

    Don't try to weasel out and redefine something just because you think it may not be fairly apportioned.

  8. Based on his aversion to homosexuality, you believe he is a racist? What?

  9. No. Please read more closely. In addition to his hatred for homosexual people, he also seems to be a racist.

  10. Nothing quite like an "Anonymous" homophobic, racist coward.

    Just like your identity, your views add up to ZERO- stop wasting bandwidth.

  11. come on, people. if we were caught posting the kind of ridiculous comments that "Anonymous" is writing, I think we'd be pretty embarrassed ourselves.

    to said anonymous person: it's not the media's fault that Buttars was idiotic enough to voice his racist opinions in places where he was being recorded. he dug his own grave; the media didn't have to do a thing to help him that way.

    anyways, we don't need anyone representing Utah who is small-minded enough to demean people who have the audacity to... not be white! I feel no sympathy for his "why is everyone hatin' just 'cause I'm racist?" whining, and the sooner he's removed from his position, the better. by letting him stay, the message is sent across that yeah, we'll put up with that kind of nonsense (which I hope isn't the case).

  12. I am sorry but he does NOT need to resign. Liberals are for free speech except for people that disagree with them. You might not like it but get over it


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