News Flash: God and Gordon B. Hinckley Love Even the Westboro Baptists

It is a circus of comedies. The Westboro Baptist Church has heaped scorn on nearly everything from mom to apple pie. Perhaps their most reckless stunt to date is their vile statements regarding President Gordon B. Hinckley at his passing. They may think that God hates Gordon Hinckley, but the truth is, He doesn't. I'm having trouble finding the love right now for the Westboro Baptists, but I'm confident that at least two people love them all unconditionally--Gordon B. Hinckley and God.

The Westboro Baptist Church, who has belittled US soldiers who have been injured and killed in Iraq, had some not-so-nice things to say about LDS Church President Gordon B. Hinckley recently, following his death.
WBC will picket the funeral of this old cozener* - *(a cozener is one who deceives others by means of petty tricks, a trickster; one who persuades or induces others to do something - like joining the Mormon enterprise,or dedicating two years spreading the Mormon poison as so-called missionaries abroad - by cajoling or wheedling) - as soon as we know the time, date, and place of the funeral;
God only loves those who are straight, according to WBC:
In religious protest and warning; to wit: "Be not deceived; God is not mocked." Gal. 6:7. God Hates Fags! & Fag-Enablers. Ergo, God hates Hinckley and the Mormon hierarchy and all Mormons without exception. All such go to Hell.
Also, they are positive that Gordon B. Hinckley is in hell, and that's allegedly where most Mormons are going, too. So there!
In religious protest and warning; to wit: "Be not deceived; God is not mocked." Gal. 6:7. God Hates Fags! & Fag-Enablers. Ergo, God hates Hinckley and the Mormon hierarchy and all Mormons without exception. All such go to Hell.
I am warmed by their Christian love and example.

Members of the GHF&FE coalition will be on hand this Saturday at the LDS Conference Center in Salt Lake City to provoke attendees of President Hinckley's funeral. I hope the most incensed of them--LDS church members, that is--can keep their cool. President Hinckley would want it that way.

The Westboro boys ha
d better hope that the self-styled Helaman's warriors are not on hand this Saturday who were present to subdue Cody Judy at BYU in 1993 when LDS Church President Howard W. Hunter was speaking there.

If they are on hand, some Westboro-types might get their butts kicked! But let's hope that we can take this sourest bunch of lemons and make some real lemonade out of it. Gordon B. Hinckley was among the kindest and gentlest of men.

So, as we're provoked by signs, verbal abuse, and perhaps even spit, let's follow President Hinckley's example.

That will really make the Westboro Baptist Church mad!!!


  1. We are not to revile against the revilers, but I must admit that I have laughed when various people have showed up (clowns, etc.) and made fun of the anti-Mormons that protest around Temple Square.

    If the Westboro folks are a sample of what they expect to find in 'heaven,' I'm not sure I want to go there. The god they envision seems like a pretty heinous being.

  2. Hey Frank

    These idiots in the Westboro Baptist "Church" say much more about themselves than any other the people they protest.

    I linked to your site. Good job.

  3. Well if the WBC freaks hate you, your in great company!

    BTW - this Baptist really does not like what WBC says or stands for....


  4. WP,

    If you're implying that if Pres Hinckley's in hell that's where you want to be, then I agree!


    Thank you for an interesting and very important perspective. Is there any way that the rest of the Baptists can "excommunicate" them or something?

  5. IIRC Frank the WBC people are not part of any Baptist Convention - they simply call themselves Baptist....


  6. That would make sense to me. They certainly don't seem like Baptists.

  7. When the GHF&FE Church members are all dead, buried and gone to heaven, they will figure that heaven sure looks a lot like Westboro......

  8. Amen, brother!

    I certainly don't want to go to that heaven.


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