My Latest Conspiracy Theory: "Don't Worry-Hillary Will Win"

It's happened once before. Everyone was freaking out when Obama beat Hillary a few weeks ago in a couple of campaign races, but with a tear or two from Ms. Clinton's demure countenance, that speed bump became the stuff of immediate history.

Now, with the Clinton campaign in apparent disarray like nothing we've ever seen before, people are freaking out again. But don't worry (well, actually I am worried). Hillary will still win. It's all in the cards of a Clinton-McCain showdown--a repeat of the Clinton-Dole "showdown" of 12 years ago. And Hillary will be our next president.

You heard it here first. If I'm wrong, I'll stop manufacturing conspiracy theories. And I wish I could say I will have been glad that I was wrong, but there are no other apparent good options at this point. So the chances that there will be joy in my Mudville at that point are virtually nil.

Update: 6-4-2008

Hillary's campaign manager quit recently. The deputy campaign manager resigned a day or two ago. Obama kicked Hillary's trash in D.C., Virginia, and Delaware. And the Clinton campaign is in total disarray...

Or is it?

James Carville says he thinks so.
Even longtime Clinton ally James Carville is acknowledging that Hillary is in trouble, saying that if she loses the March 4 primary in either Texas or Ohio, her campaign is doomed.

Speaking at the International Builders Show in Florida on Wednesday, Carville, a top adviser to Bill Clinton in the 1990s, declared:

"She's behind. Make no mistake. If she loses either Texas or Ohio, this thing is done."
I would that it were true. She is clearly the disaster of three disasters (to include McCain and Obama) that would occur most quickly to America.

But the carefully placed rumors and events indicate nothing of a potential Clinton meltdown. She will be president. It's all in the cards. Establishment cards, that is. Another "against-all-odds" victory, and Hillary will become invincible. She will be made to look like the savior--that she isn't--when it comes to all varieties of socialistic reform, and health care will be her first offering.

This presidential campaign serial makes for absolutely awesome theatrics--at least for those who want to be so titillated. And it seems to have been planned just in time before the writer's "un-strike" can have its counter-effect on millions of American minds full of mush.

For me though in this "presidential-campaign-like-nearly-all-others", I remain once again frustrated and irritated beyond imagination. Bush, the erstwhile savior/now-turned rascal bum, will be thrown out, and Hillary, the new savior will be showered with accolades as she rides into Washington on her trusty charger.

But you know what?

Look! The queen is wearing no clothes!!

Update 6-4-2008: Everyone says that Obama is the nominee, but that's only "technically". Meanwhile, Hillary presses on.


  1. I think Obama might be able to pull it off. On the other hand, I think Hillary would stop at nothing...perhaps there will be some type of Manchurian Candidate moment (one of my favorite films by the way--the original).

    By the way I'm passing along a "tag" to you--see my blog for details.

  2. Frank

    I never will underestimate the Clinton Machine's ability to steal this away from Barack Obama even to the detriment of the Democrat Party. With the Clintons it has always been the Clintons first.

  3. Elizabeth,

    I keep wondering how Newt Gingrich will fit into all of this...

    BTW, I accept the tag, and I'll get working on my "6 things"--stay tuned to SUMP.


    When driving back to my office from a different building on campus, I caught a 20-second blurb from Rush Limbaugh before a commercial. If true, it will be interesting to see how it plays out. He claims that the Democrat party always has been and still is buttressed by a good-ole-white-boy network (my interpretation of what he said) and that most of the SuperDelegates are white, and that even if Obama wins the popular vote, the SD's could throw their weight to Hillary.

  4. Hillary is sneaky. The Clintons are sneaky.

    Hillary can do it because she's the sneakiest of them all.

  5. this is my theory:
    This woman is hell-bent on being president, and not for anything more than her own personal ambition. We now see that she is down in the race, and irrespective of the fact that she had some big wins on Tuesday, she's still lost 27 of the 41 primaries and caucuses (many by huge margins). Also, she trails in the delegate count by an amount so steep that even if she wins every one of the remaining primaries by decent margins, she'll still end up behind, but not by so much that the "superdelgates" can't push her over the top. So that can be her justification in remaining in the race. However, these Democratic superdelegates (party leaders from each state) have to know that they cannot award the nomination to the candidate who didn't win the popular vote, and who was behind in delegates when all was said and done. That would seem very hypocritical considering they have been complaining for seven years about a "stolen election" by the current occupant of the White House. Any idiot should know this. You can call Hillary a lot of things, but idiot is not one of them.
    So, that being said, I pose this prospect: Hillary Clinton is only remaining in the race to weaken Barack Obama, knowing that he should rightly win the nomination. She will stay in through the convention to keep the party divided and keep her supporters from joining his ranks in November, hoping that they will become disillusioned and will stay home, helping John McCain win in November.
    Why would she do this? Because if Obama wins this year, he'll be up for re-election in 2012, meaning that she can't run then, and by 2016 she'll be too old. If he's doesn't win, that means that in four years, Mrs. Clinton will only be 64, not too old to run again, and then the silly people who didn't vote for her this year will see the error of their ways in choosing Obama, and will coronate her Queen Hillary, as they should have done this year, before they realized what she really is, and voted for something different. No Democrat would dare take her on, seeing what she did to the last guy who did. Then all she has to do is beat (then) President McCain, who by that time could very likely be an easy candidate to un-seat.

  6. My theory is this...I find it ironic that the year a woman (who is favored to win)decides to run for president both Michigan and Florida decide to bump their primaries even if that means their delegates will not be seated. I feel that people are against Hillary becoming president so instead of making it really obvious they create a situation where she wouldn't win...They keep telling her to drop out, but she hasn't. I feel that if they didn't bump their primaries and Hillary still won them, she would be the nominee and Obama would be out, and this country isn't ready for a woman for president nor a black man, so it then becomes a win for McCain

  7. Yet Obama has won the Democratic Nomination. I voted for Ron Paul in the Florida Republican Primary. I also gave him a small donation. These two candidates share an important commonality: both have raised large amounts of $ through small donations. The US system of government does not serve the average voters well. As much as I like John McCain's biography he is the candidate who is most beholden to lobbyists, voting for him would be voting for more of the same corporate control of Government. I don't care whether the next president is black/white or man/woman, I just want my country's government to move towards being of the people and for the people again. As it stands now, it looks like I will be voting for the 46 year old black (50%) guy in the General Election. Sorry fellow LDSs but out here in "the Vineyard" we aren't so clannish that we cannot conceive of voting Democrat(ic).

  8. Now that Ron Paul has officially removed himself from the race, I will probably vote for Bob Barr. Whoever we vote for, I hope it's neither Obama nor McCain. The critical issue this election cycle is for the US to see that a large proportion of voters voted for someone outside the establishment.

  9. Frank

    Your comment about Hillary still becoming president got me thinking.

    From the Patriot Post, May30, 2008.

    "For all their lauded political acumen, the Clintons have a nasty habit of getting tripped up by their own anatomy. For Bill, it’s his roving, er, eye; for Hillary, it’s her mouth. This time she caused a stir by making a comment that was widely interpreted to mean that she’s staying in the presidential race because Barack Obama might get assassinated: “My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California.” Kennedy was in fact still campaigning for the nomination when he was assassinated in June 1968, yet her ill-considered remarks were picked up by Obama’s perennially thin-skinned campaign and by the media, which roundly scolded Clinton. While she may have been taken out of context, she should have known better than to bring up Kennedy’s name in the manner that she did. “I was deeply dismayed and disturbed that my comment would be construed in a way that flies in the face of everything I stand for—and everything I am fighting for in this election,” she whined. In at least one respect, there really can be no comparison between this year’s cycle and those of ‘68 or ‘92, because those presidential contests did not start a year-and-a-half early."

    Maybe she accidentally let something slip? Will we be surprised if Obama gets assassinated? Of course it will be blamed on some poor, white, racist, bitter person that clings to their guns. Then Hillary, with tears in her eyes, takes up the vacant candidacy and seeks to "heal our country's wounds?"


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