John McCain: A Pending American Disaster

John McCain was a brave pilot during the Vietnam war. He suffered with grace as a prisoner of war as well. But that does not necessarily a good politician make. When it comes to politics, John McCain is of the worst variety. He plays the hero card to get you to ignore the terrible votes he has cast and positions he holds on a plethora of important issues. As President, he would make the mistakes of George W. Bush look like a beautiful spring day by comparison.

I'm not impugning Senator McCain's integrity. I think he sincerely believes in the positions he has taken. In a handful of cases, I agree with him. For example, I believe he is correct in his call for the closure of US military prisons at Guantanamo Bay. I appreciate that he has changed his mind on reducing taxes. But it's important to remember that John McCain is NO conservative. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. He is a blowhard who tries to cow other people into doing what he wants. Rudi Giuliani will tell you that John McCain is a great guy, but that's just because Rudi is angling for the Vice Presidency. I wouldn't be surprised if many people are voting for McCain in the primaries because he seems to have the upper hand, and they don't want to be seen as voting for a loser.

It is critical that Rudy Giuliani doesn't get the Republican vice-presidential nod, because it is more critical that John McCain not become the next president of the United States. The only thing worse would be Hillary Clinton as president. That means it is paramount that John McCain NOT receive the Republican nomination. Otherwise, the once-in-four-years "lesser of two evils" will reach an all-time low. John McCain is the candidate least likely to beat Hillary Clinton, because he is almost her twin ideological brother.

John McCain has done a grave disservice to his country in the following areas:
  • Immigration
  • The Iraq War
  • Global Warming
  • Energy Independence

After his legislation was soundly defeated last year, Senator McCain stated that he has gotten the message, that Americans demand that our borders be secured. Interestingly, however, he has appointed as his campaign director for Hispanic Outreach, Mr. Juan Hernandez, whose statements about amnesty and "Mexico first" are more than troubling.
In an appearance on ABC's Nightline in 2001, Hernandez said, referring to Mexican immigrants in the U.S., "I want the third generation, the seventh generation, I want them all to think 'Mexico first.'"

Hernandez told the Associated Press the same year, "I never knew the border as a limitation. I'd be delighted if all of us could come and go between these two marvelous countries."
Maybe I should question McCain's integrity when he now claims to be in favor of border security.

The Iraq War

Many people are on both sides of the issue of whether we should have attacked Iraq. I happen to think we shouldn't have. I'll forgo my questions of how McCain could have seriously studied the issues and come to the conclusion to attack, because Hillary Clinton came to the same conclusion. What I can't overlook, however, are McCain's apparent imperial ambitions in thinking that it might likely be appropriate to occupy Iraq for one hundred years.

During a town hall meeting in Derry, New Hampshire last night, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) told a crowd of roughly two hundred people that it “would be fine with” him if the U.S. military stayed in Iraq for “a hundred years”:

Q: President Bush has talked about our staying in Iraq for 50 years — (cut off by McCain)

McCAIN: Make it a hundred.

Q: Is that … (cut off)

McCAIN: We’ve been in South Korea … we’ve been in Japan for 60 years. We’ve been in South Korea 50 years or so. That would be fine with me.
Augustus Caesar would have been proud. That however,

John McCain is the candidate least likely to beat Hillary Clinton, because he is almost her ideological twin brother.

is not the genius of America, despite 60 or so years of inept foreign policy that attempts to indicate otherwise.

Global Warming

From, we read the following:
John McCain has a proud record of common sense stewardship. Along with his commitment to clean air and water, and to conserving open space, he has been a leader on the issue of global warming with the courage to call the nation to action on an issue we can no longer afford to ignore.
Yes, we can ignore it, although it is getting much more difficult to do so with such bombastic statements by the Senator and the media. In actuality, we must 'ignore' "the issue of global warming" because its occurrence is a natural phenomenon. People like John McCain crave the power that would accrue to himself and his elite friends were the government to become the arbiter of global warming policy.

Energy Independence

Perhaps in keeping with his determination to keep the United States military in Iraq forever, Senator McCain does not want the US to become energy independent. That, you see, would give the United States less reason to be the colossus of empire. His opinion that man is the major cause of global warming obfuscates the clarity of the issue as well. The first step to energy independence must be greater domestic production of the as-yet most efficient source of energy-oil. McCain is less than clear when it comes to his opinion on energy independence.
Mr. McCain says he´s for energy independence. Yet he was staunchly against drilling for oil in Anwar, Alaska. The location of the acreage where the drilling would have occurred is small (2000 acres) in comparison to its surroundings (317 million acres) and the region is so remote and cold that impact to the environment and wildlife is minimal.
. . .

Open borders immigration, man-made global warming, and energy dependence are tools of the establishment to keep themselves in the ascendancy of wealth and power, and to keep the rest of America from being the example to the world that we could otherwise be. Establishmentarians also support staying in Iraq for as long as we've stayed in Germany, Korea, and Japan.

This is NOT the America that I'm familiar with. America is a beacon of hope, NOT a gigantic jackboot stomping on the face of the rest of the world forever.

John McCain enjoys wielding the jackboot of American empire. It's time to put a stop to American establishment politics. It is time to become a friend to the world instead of their would-be master. If you intend to vote for a Republican candidate, please make it anyone except for John McCain. If McCain goes up against Obama in the Presidential election, Obama is much more palatable to me, especially because of his stance on the Iraq war. If he faces Clinton in the final, that makes my choice easy--I'll vote for a third-party candidate.

You thought eight years of George W. Bush was bad? If McCain makes it into the White House, we are headed for a monumental American disaster. As if 20 years of Establishment rule aren't enough destruction already.


  1. I think you're mostly right about McCain. You're completely wrong on immigration though.

    We really do need to liberalize our immigration laws and create a situation where it isn't illegal to immigrate or work in America for so many millions of people. We benefit from immigrants and foreign workers and they benefit from working here. Efforts to eliminate or over-regulate immigration into our country are wrong-headed and damaging to our economy. We should know who is in our country and criminals shouldn't be allowed in but people who come here to make a better life for their families and for Americans through their labor shouldn't be restricted by foolish and often blatantly racist immigration quotas. I think Mr. Hernandez was on to something. Open the borders!

  2. McCain says he has always been for a secure border. I agree with what he says on his web site (rejecting authoritarians like Chavez, pro-growth, flexible labor policies, assimilation, etc). But Juan Hernandez has always been about unfettered access to America.

    The biggest problem I see with McCain's policy on immigration is involving people in his campaign who vehemently disagree with his publicly stated views.

  3. I went out and campaigned for McCain in 2000, mainly because of his support for environmental protection. At the time, I also thought he was the best qualified to be Commander in Chief.

    No doubt he's a staunch conservative with an 83% ACU rating. I don't get the argument that he's somehow less conservative than Romney, who until recently claimed to be a liberal.

  4. Folks, Let’s have a chat … shall we?

    McCain only cares about one thing and that is McCain. His stance on certain issues has nothing to do with his values or principles, it has to do with what he thinks is the best political position to take.

    If something is good for McCain, he will see it as good for America.

    BUT If something is good for America, but not necessaryily good for McCain .. he will choose what is best for him.

    This man has taken his former POW status and made a political career out of it.

    He doesn’t give a rats a$$ about anything or anyone except himself and his ego.

    Did you know that he has been the biggest enemy to the families of Prisoners of War and those Missing in Action from Vietnam? He has made the efforts of these families a mockery by belittling witnesses during testimony at Senate hearings, supporting and passing legislation that weakened previous legislation which gave the families some sense of oversight. McCain just came in and gutted it - He has saw to it that documents remained classified LONG after their declassification date - Why? Because some of them deal with him and what he did while in captivity. Once again, he made the POW/MIA Issue about HIM!

    for more - please go to

    It will make you sick what this man has done to families whose fate was much worse than his own.

    There is no denying what is there in black and white. Just watch the video … It will make you sick!

    The man is a psycho - if elected, they will be adding a psych wing on to the West Wing! Maybe Brittney can come by for a visit and they can compare their straight jackets! UGH!

  5. Can we also add that McCain also graduated 5th from the bottom of his class- 894 out of 899?

    He wouldn't even get past the screening to be hired at Goldman Sachs or E&Y.

    Graduate at the bottom of your class and you too can become President of the United States!

  6. RIP GOP, Death by suicide

  7. I can't imagine how so many people voted for John McCain yesterday. I'm a bit discouraged by it all.

    Perhaps only Diebold knows why.

  8. Didn't McCain run for president in each of the last 4 elections? Didn't he even try to get the Democratic nomination?

  9. This says it all for me:

  10. I don't like McCain, and will only vote for him, if it's him and Hillary to choose between, but I had a thought...

    McCain seems to be self absorbed. He seems to vote the way he thinks would be best for him. Would this make him more beholden to special interest groups, or independent enough that we may actually have a real president and not the mouth piece of the puppet masters behind him?

  11. Connor,

    IBD seems to be conflicted on what it thinks of McCain. The cartoon you linked to, and recent writings, spoke out vehemently against him. But last night they were suddenly very praiseworthy.


    My opinion is that he appears self-absorbed (the media fostered this during elections past by praising him as a "maverick") but that he is in essential lockstep with the Establishment on the things that "matter most" (to them).

  12. I remain in favor of McCain after reading this website, and largely because it gives hope he is soft immigration. Why should we not open the borders? Why should we view with detest another person simply because they were born in another country but want to live here? One of the reasons the colonies declared independence and went to war with England was because England was restricting immigration (read it in the Declaration of Independence). I wish there were a politician bold enough to take a stance in favor of the immigrant. If one of them wants to leave a favorable mark on the history of this nation, this is their chance: lead the charge ending the wrongful treatment of immigrants.

  13. He's TOO soft on immigration.

    We should facilitate the citizenship of those families that have come here, at least much more easily than the overburdening immigration system we have now.

    However, we cannot afford to have Mexico not do anything but the status quo. McCain's Hispanic outreach coordinator can't be defined as soft on immigration, because Juan Hernandez thinks that it belongs to Mexico in the first place.

    We must have a border containment, if for no other reason than to get Mexico to deal with its problems brought on by socialism and other corruption.

  14. I think if you want more of what we've had the past several years, vote for McCain. He is certainly NOT going to be the president for change. He will say anything to be elected, but is going to do whatever the Republicans tell him to do in the end--(so basically higher prices on everything, a war that can never be won, etc). I'm just sick to live in a state where the dominant religion supports McCain, (or any other republican no matter how wrong,) with blind faith, and uninformed votes. I just hope to God that other states are not as ignorant as the one I reside in.


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