Al Gore and His Global Warming Superfriends

Prepare yourself to be inundated by a three hundred million dollar advertising campaign to convince you that you are at fault that the globe is warming, despite mountains of evidence that there has been no recent warming at all. Al Gore and his trusty Superfriends--from both sides of the political aisle--will be attempting with both barrels to lull you into a belief that the question has been settled once and for all.

When I was a kid, I used to watch the Superfriends on Saturday morning TV. There was always someone, like the man who, with his evil xray ice gun, was bent on taking over the world. But Superman, Superwoman, Batman, and the whole cast of Superfriends always saved the day. I was almost as scared then that the iceman was really going to freeze the earth as my kids were recently that Al Gore's "documentary" told the truth about man and global warming.

It was comforting to them when I cited several bits of evidence that An Inconvenient Truth is mostly lies.

The coming tsunami--the $300 million ad campaign telling you that there is now once and for all consensus about man-made global warming--includes people from both sides of the political aisle agreeing on only one thing--that man causes global warming. Two of those sets of identical advertising twins that were revealed by Al and Tipper Gore last night are:
  • Newt Gingrich and Nancy Pelosi-This is proof positive that those of you who thought that Newt Gingrich was ever politically different than Nancy Pelosi were sold a bill of goods. Newt and Nancy are part of the same Establishment that wants to dominate our politics and our liberties.
  • Pat Robertson and Al Sharpton-Interestingly, the advertising segment between these two said "we strongly disagree except on except one issue. That would be taking care of planet". We can perhaps assume that Pat Robertson meant "taking care of the planet" instead of "man is destroying the earth", but either way, Pat is making as much money out of this $300-million deal as are Al, Newt, and Nancy.
Traditionally a member of the elite group that has always advocated government to stay out of religion and morality, Al Gore told Leslie Stahl last night on 60 Minutes that the fight against global warming "is a moral and spiritual issue". Oh, well then! Count me on board! It's a moral issue!

No...actually, on second thought...I call bullcrap.

When it comes to those most qualified to speak out against Al Gore's crusade, who did Leslie Stahl choose? Dick Cheney.
"There's still a lot of skepticism about whether global warming is man made," Stahl remarked.

"I don't think there's a lot. I think there’s…" Gore said.

"Well, there's pretty impressive people like the vice president," Stahl pointed out. "He said, 'We don't know what causes it.'"
Dick Cheney as the foremost detractor of man-made global warming? That's the same as saying that Al Gore is its most qualified advocate.

In the news in the past few days was evidence of what happens when we make scientific decisions in the absence of science, because someone like Al Gore said we can't afford to wait. All of those Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs that everyone has been buying to save the earth are actually very dangerous, with no real solution to the problem that is created when they are broken or burn out. Perhaps now because more people are seeing that this dog won't hunt, that this emperor has absolutely no clothes, the Establishment is unleashing its greatest propaganda barrage to date.

It would be nice if this was their last-ditch effort.
. . .

The science is far from settled on the issue of global warming, despite what Al Gore and his gang of Superfriends want you to think. On the one hand they want you to think that people like you and me--who don't think man is making a major contribution to global warming--will be the culprits when earth burns up in fifty years like a fireball.

At the same time, however, politicians (not scientists) from both sides of the political spectrum are betting that you don't catch on to the fact that their "solution" to this non-problem will be much more devastating than an evil xray ice gun from Saturday morning cartoons.


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