The Roots of the Minimum Wage: Progressive Racism and Eugenics

It is very observable that if wages are raised to a certain level, then certain individuals will no longer be employable. Ironically, this was exactly the reason for early 20th-century progressives to support a minimum wage. Their less-than-honorable intentions were to rid society of those human beings who didn't 'make the cut'.

In our day and age, Conservatives are branded as fascists because of their opposition to minimum wage laws.

But one hundred years ago, the progressive predecessors of 21st-century liberals understood the effects of minimum wage laws perfectly. That's why they wanted a minimum wage--as an excuse to cleanse society of its human refuse. This is another of those strange-but-true facts that the American Establishment has been nearly successful in stuffing down the "memory hole".

Empirical evidence supports at every turn the Conservative contention that those who can least afford to lose their jobs are the first to be priced right out of the job market when minimum wage laws are established.

Sidney Webb, a progressive at the turn of the 20th century (and who would be a liberal if he were alive today) said this about the efficacy of a minimum wage:
These physical and moral weaklings and degenerates must somehow be maintained at the expense of other persons. They may be provided for from their own property or savings by charity or from public funds with or without being set to work in whatever ways are within their capacity. But of all ways of dealing with these unfortunate parasites the most ruinous to the community is to allow them unrestrainedly to compete as wage earners for situations in the industrial organisation. Industrial Democracy By Sidney Webb, Beatrice Potter Webb
Coincidentally, people like Webb, H.G. Wells, and President Woodrow Wilson were consummate racists who looked at the black, brown, and other non-white races as belonging to those "physical and moral weaklings and degenerates" they desired to eugenically cleanse from society.

The minimum wage, therefore, has its roots in racism and eugenics.

At least the liberals of one hundred years ago were honest.


  1. Racism and Eugenics are hallmarks of leftist ideology. The founders of Planned Parenthood were staunch Eugenicists who saw abortion as a method of reducing minorities particularly blacks. There efforts have been successful, there are predominantly black Urban areas that there are more abortions than live births. Abortion and uncontrolled immigration has made African Americans the 3rd largest minority behind Hispanics, and with it diminished political clout.

  2. One thing that I will hand Barack Obama is that he pointed out (indirectly) in his book "The Audacity of Hope" the results that you refer to--black urban areas in Chicago, foisted on them by the eugenicists.

    The recent videotaped conversation with the Planned Parenthood representative indicates that their racist motives are still alive and well.


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