Hillary Roars Back: What Did I Tell You?

I told you two weeks ago that Hillary Clinton was nowhere near finished with her presidential campaign. James Carville and others were preparing her epitaph, because she wouldn't win both Texas and Ohio, which would doom her campaign. How do you like the looks of my latest conspiracy theory now?

There was no question in my mind that Hillary would win both Texas and Ohio, because the establishment has already ordained Hillary the next US Minister of Socialism. The campaign still makes for good theatrics, but it was never in doubt that Clinton wins in Ohio and Texas would be carefully orchestrated. It will be close, because close bolsters ratings, but Hillary will get the nod in the end. (It's "too bad" that Ron Paul isn't Establishment material--otherwise, the media could have a double-dip a great ratings.)
Clinton's triumphs ended a month of defeats for the former first lady, who told jubilant supporters, "We're going on, we're going strong and we're going all the way."

Seriously...are you really surprised?

My first clue that I was right on target was when the guy called in to the Glenn Beck program yesterday saying that everyone in Ohio that had been registered Republican was now registered as unaffiliated. Hmmmm.....now what could that mean? If it were to help a particular candidate, who might that be? Especially after Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter asked Republicans to torpedo the Democrats by voting for Hillary.

A friend of mine asked me last Saturday if I still stand by my Hillary Conspiracy. I told him that I did. Last night's results didn't surprise me in the least.

Barack Obama is young. He'll have another chance. But Hillary has paid her dues through such things as Hillarycare and schmoozing with the Chinese.

It's Hillary's turn. Unfortunately, she will be president. Ohio and Texas were but light snacks for her on the road to the White House.


  1. What do you make of the higher percentage of Republicans / independents who voted for Obama?

  2. Actually, more Republicans and independents voted for Obama. That is one reason I support Obama, because I think he has a better chance at uniting our deeply divided country than Hillary does.

    I do disagree with you regarding Hillary as a socialist. Socialism to me is public ownership of the means of production. Hillary certainly favors a more involved federal government than most conservatives, but calling her a socialist is a little extreme IMNSHO.

  3. If that's true (that more Repubs and Indys voted for Obama), then Obama is screwed. That bolsters my conspiracy theory even more.

    Just Hillary's intended control of the health care system makes her pretty socialist to me.

  4. A brokered convention is all but inevitable. Rush Limbaugh's plan worked to a tee.

  5. Hillary is the Democrat establishment. Believe me she will stop at nothing to dig what ever dirt she can to put the fear of Hillary in to the hearts of any one of them that dare switch to Obama. In a brokered convention she will come out the victor no matter what it takes.


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