Would You Vote For Super Dell Schanze for Anything?

First he's sure that he's the Republican silver bullet for Salt Lake County Mayor. Then he changes his mind and decides to run as a Libertarian for governor of Utah. In all of this, it occurred to me that (if he lived in my precinct) I wouldn't even vote for Dell Schanze to be my precinct secretary.

I write this article with some trepidation, worried that if Super Dell reads it he may come to my house or place of business and brandish a firearm at me. But anyway, here goes.

A few years back, at the Republican State convention, I thought a Republican challenger to incumbent Governor Mike Leavitt was serious about his campaign against the governor. Then he asked Super Dell to introduce him to the convention, and it was at that point that I concluded that he was not serious.

I used to think that the radio ads for Totally Awesome Computers were funny. Somehow, though, no one else I knew thought they were. People who had been into one of his stores were the most vehemently disgusted by Dell's on-air rantings and ravings. I decided to go to Totally Awesome Computers and buy a computer. It was then that I decided I didn't think Super Dell's radio ads were that funny anymore. I was condescended to, pigeon-holed, and made fun of because I didn't want to buy the top-of-the-line, 720 gigabyte 83 million RPM hard drive, Xeon super extra quad three core processor with ulima video graphics array (or something like that) computer. I made the "I'm going to looook arrooooouuuunnnnd a little, and I'll be back" excuse, and then I went to EBC computers and bought a computer that actually was totally awesome.

I wasn't sure if I was hearing both sides of the story about Mr. Schanze brandishing a firearm in his neighborhood a few years back, but then I heard more brandishing stories from callers to KSL Nightside last night. The ones that I remember are: He was arrested at Moab for brandishing, and he took his employees to Totally Awesome Guns and Ammo and threatened them subtly with a firearm when his computer company was going down in flames.

It is debatable whether Dell Schanze is a good businessman. Bob Lonsberry this morning opined that he may make himself and several other people rich by advertising their products on the radio. That may be.

But the one thing I'm sure of. Dell Schanze will not make a good politician. The Republicans (including me) are very excited that he dropped out (as a Republican) from the Salt Lake County Mayor's race. Now, however, he has inflicted the Libertarians by suddenly signing up as one of them to take on Jon Huntsman.

Super Dell is getting his publicity, for sure. But let's hope for no other reason than to defeat him early that the Libertarians field another candidate for governor.

Because so far Dell Schanze hasn't even done a very good job as president of the Super Dell Fan Club.


  1. If this were a survivor type situation, then Dell would definitely be getting my vote to 'Leave the Island'.

    All that said though, is he really that different from many politicians currently in office?

  2. The only circumstances that I would vote for him was as the "Biggest Looser" or to "leave the island." His candidacy will make the election cycle that much more unbearable. Thanks goodness for TV remote controls if he's able to launch any TV ads. You care correct when you say he won't even make a good politician and what I look for in a candidate is statesmanship. I doubt he has a clue what that is.

    Now, more importantly, what did you think of Obama's Philadelphia speech today?

  3. Stuff like is why people generally think that the Libertarians are loonies.

  4. I'm pretty sure that there's a senior superlative somewhere where I would vote for him

  5. Sure, I would vote for super dell because he would be the greatest candidate on the planet that would smoke the others in benchmark tests, and besides all the other candidates stink! Totally Awesome!

  6. I take him as seriously just like Californians took Gary Coleman seriously back in 2003. He's an interesting side show that's getting nowhere near the main event. And honestly? I'm not sure the Libertarians can do much better than Super Dell. Most of the candidates they run sound far detached from what I would consider reasonable.

  7. No.

    I heard him on Barberi this morning and he didn't fare too well.

    He's got a lot of work to do to get past his current image and become a real candidate. For any office.

  8. UK,

    His bombast DOES make him very similar to many people who get elected.


    Where can I listen to Barberi? I used to love his show (although he ticked me off from time to time).

    Reach and Jesse,

    I kind of expected the Libertarians to speak up by now. Hopefully they're none to pleased with who just walked into their tent!

  9. Barberi's on 700AM from 5-7 am or so I think.

  10. Great thats just what the Libertarian Party needs, another wacko who makes the party look insane.

    Libertarians just got ballet access again, and now this retard will ruin everything.

  11. It doesn't matter what Dell Schanze runs for. The core of the matter is this:
    Dell Schanze has no integrity or character.

    Sure, there are some people who say "I love that guy's commercials!"... and oddly enough, they think that's a good reason to vote for him.

    If you rounded up all of Dell Schanze's ex-employee's from Totally Awesome Computers and asked them what they thought, 2-5% would say he's a good man, the other 95-98% would say he has absolutely no integrity, character, or true moral compass whatsoever. Don't believe me? Track down 10 ex employee's and see for yourself.


  12. I know what the Libertarian platform is and that good enough for me and Thomas Jefferson to vote for Dell.

    Too bad the rest of you are caught up in emotions and following the crowd.
    Spencer Sloan

  13. I would vote for a libertarian in a heart beat as well, but I'm not sure Super Dell embodies that platform.

    I'll admit that in many respects he was a very unique and different business man, and while he annoyed some he was very successful.

    That aside, having seen him on TV in recent years, it would appear he needs some help. I'm not sure if I'd want the Governor of Utah screaming on national TV about whatever group he dislikes being the angels of Satan.

  14. Mr. Schanze has more fans in his own mind than in all of the state of Utah. Now, I do understand that free speech is an inalienable right, and private enterprise is a good thing. Yet, in his case, it would be best for everyone if he ran only for governor of his own state of confusion. His victory there would be a complete landslide.


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