Presidential Campaign 2008: David Paul vs. Goliath McCain

Mike Huckabee just dropped out of the Republican presidential race. That leaves just John McCain...right? Not so fast! The Republican race, to the chagrin of Establishment Americans everywhere, is now down to TWO candidates, despite what the establishment media would have you believe. And you know what? Given the honest chance, I think Ron Paul can clean John McCain's clock. It will be difficult, because McCain and all his establishment buddies are now wussies running scared.

This makes potentially for a very interesting Republican National convention.

There used to be a plethora of Republican candidates for President of the United States. Now there are two. I'll bet most of you thought that with Mike Huckabee's exit there was only one.

Mike Huckabee bowed to reality Tuesday and out of the Republican presidential race.

''We kept the faith,'' he told his end-of-the-road rally Tuesday after John McCain clinched the nomination. ''I'd rather lose an election than lose the principles that got me into politics in the first place.''

From the very beginning, Ron Paul was given no chance to survive the race for president. The heavyweights have all nearly fallen,

David once a long time ago slew his Goliath. I think it can happen again. This is just starting to get interesting.

and as the dust's...David Paul against Goliath McCain.

You, fellow Republicans and Independents, have two choices now. John McCain represents debauchery, imperialism, and bloated deficits. Ron Paul, on the other hand, stands for good will, liberty for all, and preserving the economic future for our posterity.

That's not a very difficult choice. Do you have the courage to make it? I think you do. Look at it this way...Do you want just to be on the bandwagon--again, or do you want to help effect a healthy course change for history?

David once a long time ago slew his Goliath. I think it can happen again. This is just starting to get interesting.


  1. After a rough and tumble campaign, and often times at odds with his own party, Senator John McCain of Arizona has clinched the Republican Nomination for the Presidency of the United States. Mike Huckabee has officially dropped out, well outstaying his welcome. President Bush is expected to give McCain his official endorsement.

    John McCain won without significant conservative backing so it will be interesting to see how he continues the race. He could either try and win conservatives over, or he could go the other way, assuming he can win without us, and go back to his moderate ways. Who knows? The fact is he is the Republican nominee and conservatives now have to make a decision. Do we go ahead and support him because he is better than the alternative? Or do we let the Democrats win and become the loyal opposition?

    There are two schools of thought:

    We can vote for McCain and try and lead him our direction hoping he will side with us more times than not. The problem with that is if he mainly works with Democrats, Congressional Republicans may be reluctant to go against a Republican President. This scenario would strongly empower Democrats and significantly weaken Republicans.

    The other school of thought is we let the Democrats win the Presidency, this time with our eye to the Congressional races two years later. With Obama or Clinton in office it will rejuvenate the Conservative base and allow the Republicans in office to vigorously oppose what ever socialistic schemes a Democrat President tries to push through. This may help us win the Senate and House seats two years hence. A McCain loss will also severely weaken the moderate wing of the Republican party to where conservatives can rest control of the party again.

    I haven't yet decided which school of thought I subscribe to. McCain may surprise me and calm my fears, or he may validate them. It is entirely up to him whether he earns my vote.

  2. I hope you don't subscribe to either school of thought. I will never subscribe to the "let's let the democrats get in so we can mock them and win big in the next election" idea.

    When are we going to stop bowing to the same worn out, establishment-created theories? Let's break the mold!

    Ron Paul has a better chance in the convention if we believe in him. Everyone thinks McCain has it all sewn up. Not me. I'm an optimist. Stranger things have happened.

  3. Yes Frank there are still quite a few delegate counting states yet to go to the polls.

    Maybe Paul can get those states?

  4. According to, which does a pretty good job of researching the party rules of each state to determine how their delegates are pledged to the candidates, McCain has 973 pledged delegates and 112 unpledged delegates, for a total of 1085 delegates, wich is 106 shy of the 1191 required for the nomination.

    There are ten more states with primaries, Pennsylvania being the most populous, with 74 delegates up for grabs. With Huckabee out, I expect many of the votes that would have gone to him to go to Paul instead. Not all of these states have winner-take-all rules (some do, some don't). Much depends on how these elections go.

    If you support Ron Paul, then go to his web site and volunteer to telephone voters in these ten states (Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Indiana, North Carolina, Nebraska, Kentucky, Oregon, Idaho, New Mexico, South Dakota). Encourage them to support Ron Paul.

  5. I thought you'd have given up on this Ron Paul thing by now, but I guess his failure to break 5% anywhere hasn't broken your faith. Good for you.

  6. I hope that was a nice "good for you" and not a snide one. ;-)

    By the way, he's achieved higher than 5 percent several times.

  7. The comment that I would like to say is:
    There is a new Law (pending or in place) regarding Veterans that have suffered "head wounds or a BRAIN injury" and will not be allowed to own or possess a gun.
    Mr McCain was a POW for years in a COMMUNIST prisoner of war camp, suffering torcher and no doubt brainwashing (mental abuse)and stayed alive.
    (The guy is a NUT CASE and is known to go off the handel on many occasions.)
    Now, if one of our boys come home from Iraq or Afganistan with a head injury of sorts and cannot have the right to bare arms, being deemed UNFIT to even protect his family, property or self, We'll all be damned for sure, if we let him be the president of the United States!

  8. "BEAR" arms. Not "bare" arms.
    One implies the right to possess, carry, etc. The other implies the right to wear a wife-beater shirt.

    Bear arms. Geez, the things people do and say which kill good arguments.

    I would ignore schools of thought and strategy votes. Mainstream republicans will continue to do what they have for decades; spout freedom and capitalism out of one side of their mouths, socialism and abridgment of personal liberty out the other.
    If the most well known figure who closely represents what I think is right, I will write him. So, RP gets my vote with or without Republican sanction, and regardless of poll numbers.

    The other choices are like choosing which limb I want amputated. I choose "none".

  9. That'll teach me to be picky when it comes to others.
    That was supposed to say:
    "If the most well known figure, who closely represents what I think is right, is not on the ballot, I will write him in."

  10. Excellent point, John:

    "spout freedom and capitalism out of one side of their mouths, socialism and abridgment of personal liberty out the other.."

    I can't understand how most people either (1) can't see this, or (2) don't think they can do anything about it.

    I keep thinking that if more people would vote their conscience in each election, eventually we'd reach critical mass so that we could get ourselves out of the grasp of the Establishment claw. Ron still has a chance to win, but even if he doesn't, he might be the one to help us reach this critical mass of healthy political thinking.

  11. I was a firm believer that Mitt Romney was the only viable option (and was sad to see him bow out from the race due to the political Muckraking that killed his candidacy). That left us with McCain, even Romney took the "best to accept him as we have to work with him" approach and started campaigning for him across the country. Now I'm thinking, why should we have to work with McCain? McCain is now in a position where even his choosing of the VP is going to be someone the Republican Party will be stuck with (assuming McCain beats either Democratic nominee) for years after that. I never thought I would be saying this, I think it might be better to throw the election give it to Obama or Hillary and let the Dems screw it up for the next 4 years. I know it is a horrible thought to let that happen, but consider this... Any shift to the left in the White House also delivers rejuvenation toward the Republican Party which would be better in 2012 then 2008. After all, McCain should be the nominee for the Greens not the Republican Party. So why are we hoping old nag McCain makes it while he hops around on a broken hooves? Let's have a proper Republican candidate for Office next time.

  12. Anon,

    Thanks for your comment, but I heartily disagree. This is the trap that we place ourselves in EVERY TIME WE VOTE FOR PRESIDENT. The establishment gives us 2 horse's patoots and we vote for one of them. Then we say, aw let's get the democrat in so that we can really really hate him and then we'll get a republican who's much better. Nope. The republican is worse.

    Let's get out of the trap. Let's throw our vote behind the only candidate with political integrity--Ron Paul. If we can get more and more people to vote for a non-establishment candidate, pretty soon we can flip the establishment the bird--forever.


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