Adults 58 - Embryos 0: Who's Winning in Stem Cell Therapy?

Question: How many maladies have been cured using stem cells? Answer: Hundreds. Question: How many maladies have been cured using embryonic stem cells? Answer: ...

Zero. An attempt to treat Parkinson's was made using embryonic stem cells, but had to be stopped when further damage was caused to the patients. Adult Stem Cells, however, are being used to successfully treat 58 different human diseases.

Why the big hype, then? Because there's big money to be made from the harvesting and cloning of embryos. And the alleged promise of embryonic stem cells is an attempt to justify continued unnecessary abortions.

Even if it's not a moral issue, which I think it is, which therapy would you trust?

If you were a family, one of whose members needed therapy for which stem cells may effect a cure, which therapy would you choose?

Answer: Adult stem cells.

Perhaps we shouldn't call them "Adult" stem cells, because it leaves the impression that they are hard to come by. They aren't. In many cases, the patient's own stem cells can be used in the cure. "Adult" stem cells have been found in the placenta, and have been successfully used in therapy.


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