Go Ahead: Desecrate Us Some More!

The Virginia Tech murders have given rise to the obviously misguided way in which so-called news organizations report what is going on in our world. Finally, though, someone speaks up against the filthy way that the filthy networks behave themselves!

The Accent Radio Network is reporting this hour that the families of the fallen in the recent Virginia Tech murders have canceled an appearance on NBC, due to the fact that NBC yesterday aired videotape from the murderer. Good for them!

I have not been able to listen to the radio for scarcely more than 5 minutes in the last 24 hours than I am bombarded by "shocking video", "chilling video", or "vengeful video". Good grief! Get out of my face!

I salute the families of the Virginia Tech dead for standing up to such greed and salacious salivation. Broadcasting video of the debauchery and demonic plans of a murderer is not news. It is titillating entertainment not worthy of people who appreciate liberty and its attendant responsibilities.

We do not need to be entertained. We deserve to be informed.

Everyone should reach out to those who are in need. But once someone commits a heinous crime, they are no longer a victim. The victims are the victims. As such, they should be treated with respect.

We shouldn't be dragged into the gutter. We should be lifted up. Shame on NBC.


  1. Besides, the notoriety is exactly what the perpetrator wants.

    I think it would have been ok for the news to have shown a few still shots of the video so people could get a sense of them. The media frenzy though is out of control.

  2. This is another of the reasons I'm glad my wife convinced me to disconnect our cable tv service about 10 years ago. (We are not in an area where we can get broadcast tv very well.)

  3. And on Fox News, which also aired it, and every other network, come to think of it...


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