China Will Soon be The 'Biggest Polluter'

China was a signatory to the Kyoto Protocol to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is projected to overtake the United States this year in such emissions. Is China going to be able to live up to its commitment to the Kyoto Protocol?

Of course! Their job is to look at other countries and tell them to stop polluting. Their other job is to thumb their noses at everyone else and say 'Neener, Neener, Neener'. It was actually easy for China to sign on to Kyoto, because they don't have to reduce their emissions a bit. Looks like they can increase them just as much as they want, as well. Kyoto is a farce.

The Chinese government made it clear that they have no intention for now of reducing emissions, because that would make a huge dent in their economic development. Wouldn't it for everyone! That's the whole point.

Good for them. I'm glad China is growing. But why did they sign on to Kyoto in the first place? I salute the United States for having the guts to look at a silly treaty and state that we weren't going to be participants in a farce.

There are some problems for China right now, though.

China's heavy reliance on highly polluting coal for electricity generation have made it a major contributor to greenhouse gasses, mainly carbon dioxide, which are blamed for damaging the ozone layer and causing global warming.

Industries and urban buildings are far less energy efficient than those in developed countries and the massive growth of private car ownership has helped turn air in cities such as Shanghai and Beijing into a toxic soup.

They'll naturally get better at reducing emissions as they become more economically developed. That's the beauty of free enterprise.


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